Monday 15 December 2014

Jay Scotland - weather nut

While I work out, I watch the news. I flip around, finding shows to take my mind off the workout. I seem to have developed a short attention span in my old age. Weather particularly interests me, since it affects my outdoor activities.

CBCNN's weather man, meteorologist Jay Scotland, is leaving the national network to go to CBC Toronto. I didn't have a good time watching CBC Toronto news when we lived in Muskoka. I argued with the forecaster for years, since they'd give the temperatures of, say, Etobicoke and downtown Toronto, and he would fail to cover Muskoka weather. "Didn't have time" he wrote.

 Now, many folks drive to and from Toronto for meetings. When I was on a CAS Board of Directors, we had to go to TO for provincial meetings.  We would have a million cottagers driving from TO to the Muskoka region on a long weekend. It was important to know if there would be a small barrier, such as 160cm of snow, say...

Weather coverage - a rant on disparities

It is so difficult getting accurate weather forecasts AND weather conditions up here in Central Ontario!
This is the problem living anywhere far from the big cities. Jay Scotland, despite doing a National weather report and forecast, managed to cover several cities from coast-to-coast.

Jay was trending Friday across Canada after he announced his move to CBC TO! Since he and his wife had a baby, he seemed to be doing some interesting activities. I don't think he was jumping the shark, although there is much competition for audience share.
Jay Scotland, is now trending in Canada
You're well liked across Canada Jay & you will be missed by many Canadians on Network. All the best!
I tweeted Jay, who is going to TO news:
Remember to look after Muskoka!


DeniseinVA said...

Our weather channel seems to be on more the older I get.

Red said...

I haven't seen TV weather for years. I much prefer what I find in the internet.

Christine said...

all the best to Jay! Change is good sometimes.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...I just open the curtains. What I see is what the weather is. It's as accurate as any these blokes would feed us! YAM xx

Powell River Books said...

Of course, we get our weather by radio, but CBC does cover our area (in general). The best weather for us is to listen to the local station except on weekends when things are prerecorded. Then we go to the marine weather channel. - Maryg

William Kendall said...

Weather forecasts are only good for the next six hours, and start declining from there.