Saturday, 29 November 2014

Shop the Neighbourhood! Shop locovore!

My regular readers know that we take Daycations, and like to shop in small towns.

This is something everyone needs to understand. Big box stores limit product and lower product quality. They pay overseas workers a pittance to create shoddy goods that must be replaced.

Our workers need to be paid fair wages, have good benefits, and this doesn't happen with outsourcing.

Multinationals take jobs away from Canadians and managed to destroy local bookstores, family businesses, and destroy the local economy, that has employed local workers for several generations.

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Anonymous said...

I buy most gifts from local, independent stores and I make lots of them. I hate crowds and all this hype about Black Friday has kept me away from malls and big box stores.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Thankfully, Dunoon is megastore-free and all shops are 'local'. Doesn't stop the goods being of the import type. Sigh... YAMxx

Marie said...

I plan to shop local if I can just get enough energy up after Thanksgiving to actually GO shopping! Black Friday, what's that?

William Kendall said...

Shopping local is the right thing to do.

Big box sprawl is a blight and a pestilence.

Red said...

It's all about competition you know! the bottom line is all that counts. Global trade! Trickle down theory. All good stuff that shuts down the little guy.