Sunday, 30 November 2014

November weather: Lake Effect Snow dominated Ontario

Nov. 23

Central Ontario's Muskoka has been hard hit with Lake Effect Snow, as bad as Buffalo. 
Average snow accumulation for a November in Muskoka is 40 cm but, by Nov. 22 of this year,  Environment Canada confirmed an accumulation of 100.4 cm. The winds picked up moisture from the warm Great Lakes.

We had a combination of rain (15 mm) and snow (25.5cm) in S. E. Ontario.

Nov. 22

Nov. 19/20

Big Lake Effect Snow data: Wawa 63 cm
Sault St. Marie 73cm
125cm Parry Sound
Same set-up as Buffalo but the expanse of the lake (the fetch) is not as long so a bit less snow.

EC says 90cm of snow for township of Sequin near parry sound from squalls that began yesterday

November 17th/ 18th - cold snap & lake effect snow

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William Kendall said...

The snow belts can be quite big- my grandparents farmed in the Hanover area for several years and the winters there could be vicious.