Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Have you ever been tested when you have a severe viral bug?

Another couple of trips around the frog pond. I haven't left the property since getting this virus. One of our contractors had it twice, he said. I am seriously wondering if it is something like the Enterovirus D68, or Influenza A or B. The Whooping Cough type of cough I have had is horrible.
It's been 3 weeks. I've gone from diarrhea, to a head cold, to a cough. Then, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, on antibiotics, still some sinusitis, and a cough.

This is pretty scary stuff: from White Coat Black Art:
More than a hundred children in the US -- and at least six in Canada -- have developed a mysterious form of paralysis. Health officials are trying to determine if it could be related to Enterovirus D68 which has hospitalized hundreds of kids in North America.

None of our healthcare people suggested a test. It isn't mandatory that the provinces and territories report these flu incidents. Yet, it does kill. Many long-term care homes are shut down. It is so easily spread. Some kids are getting some paralysis with the Enterovirus. I believe it is under-reported.

Lots get awfully sick with flu each year.
This was last moths chart.
Have you ever been tested when you have a severe viral bug? Normally, you stay at home, although many do not or cannot.

The Media is focusing on Ebola, rather that the flu bugs, which are killing the very young and old:

Alberta Week 42 of 2014:

  • 3 deaths
  • 30 Albertans have been admitted to hospital
  • 66 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza A so far
  • 8 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza B

  • This year's more virulent Enterovirus seems on the wane

    Toronto Star-Oct 19, 2014Share
    By: Joseph Hall News reporter, Published on Sun Oct 19 2014 ...Ontario has had more than 160 confirmed cases. It has been linked to seven deaths in the U.S. ... yet far less ballyhooed viral threat — the annual influenza that kills tens of thousands across the continent each year — is in the offing.

    Back to the frog pond

    I love the frog pond, although perhaps we should now call it the muskrat pond. I've carved out a path and walk right around it. It's a bit of exercise for me, some fresh air, and the cats have a grand time.
    You can tell the muskrats by their rat-tails! They are very furry.

    This time, Dorah came along and decided to climb a tree- she went very high in the penultimate photo.
    There was ice on the pond (3rd from the last photo). Winter is coming!
    I've counted 4 muskrat structures, so far. Talk about 'busy as a beaver.' I saw two of them the other day, They took off as soon as we arrived at the pond. That day it was Buster with me.



    Nancy J said...

    I can see you are so close to the real winter days, Down here, I had some years ago, what the doctor called the "100 day cough" and it did last that long. Take great care, wrap up well, and rest often. Hugs,Jean.p.s. can you have any tests??

    Crafty Green Poet said...

    lovely photos. Hope your virus clears up soon

    Judy said...

    Do take care of yourself!!! you have been having a really bad time of it this fall! I had no idea that so many people died of the 'flu!!!

    Hilary said...

    I wonder if your doctor would test if you specifically asked for it? I hope you're on the mend before too much longer. It's a stressful time for you and getting sick is typical under stressful situations.

    William Kendall said...

    Cats must of course climb trees. The muskrats look busy!

    I had whooping cough as a child, and I still remember the pain of it.

    carol l mckenna said...

    Oh do feel better soon ~ lovely frog pond photos!

    Healing week to you!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    Jenn Jilks said...

    I don't think so, Jean!
    True, Hilary. Many caregivers get ill, I've heard!
    Thanks for your best wishes, all!

    Jen said...

    So sorry to hear that you're still sick. I hope you haven't developed pneumonia. It's good you are at least well enough to get outside on occasion.

    Yamini MacLean said...

    Hari OM
    After three weeks, there would be an argument for seeking a more defined diagnosis...albeit that whatever virus there may be, treatments will probably remain at all the usual health hygiene and warm drinks, basic nursing level. Viruses, of course, do not respond to antibiotics, those being for bacterial infection; it is possible to have both on board and again testing can sort this out.

    In the end though, good ol' stay home, stay warm and getting fresh air and gentle exercise are as good a treatment as any! The 100 day cough, mentioned above, is certainly one of the many varieties and all that can be said is - it will end... eventually. My continued wishes for strength arriving each day. With such beauty around you and the company you keep, I know you will overcome!!! Hugs, YAM xx