Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Summer was back yesterday!

That was a glorious day. A gift from the Universe.
Except, I was ready to shut things down: the goldfish pond, empty the rain barrel, the water fountain.

I began by doing a workout, having thrown a load of laundry in. Probably last time I'll hang laundry outdoors. It just been too cold! Hubby was off doing Meals on Wheels. He's doing that twice this week. Bless his big heart!

The lady beetle are merciless. They tell us they are Harmonia axyridis, an invasive species the Americans brought in to kill off aphids in 1988. They are Asian beetles that bite. I was working on my bird feeders, and couldn't sit on the front porch in the sunshine. They kept landing and biting. They are currently seeking warm spots where they will over winter. The sudden warm days brought them out.
We had our front window replaced a couple of years ago. They lady bugs found nook and crannies, which I since filled. I captured about 200 of them. It was Oct. 14th, 2011, when they appeared!

We had a blue jay smuck into the window yesterday. It was so sad. It was a hard hit, instant, a bit of blood. We don't have this happen very often. In fact, this is the first since I began keeping track. We had one die in the April, 2013, I sheltered it in the shed until it passed over.
Birth, life, death. It's all pretty certain. We all want a good death. Most of my clients want to die at home. This is a family decision, as it takes a hard toll on loved ones.
The Supreme Court comes out with a decision on physician-assisted death today.
PM Harper refuses to deal with it. For the very few who would choose it: those with difficult disease trajectories, like ALS - where you drown in your phlegm, unable to cough, perhaps it would be a gift from a society that understands dignity of life and death.
Laundry day!
The last Hibiscus to bloom!

A little baby snake, too fast to catch.
Daisy was trying to catch the blowing leaves.

Daisy was making eye contact with Geraldine,
in the flower pot.
Gerry didn't want to come and play!

Proof: thermometer is over 25!
Bad little biters!
Blue jays dominate the feeder.
Daisy, just hanging out
in the sumac!?


Judy said...

Wasn't yesterday simply perfect? Now the rain has started, and I am going to a funeral in Metcalfe...

Hilary said...

It was deliciously warm, yesterday. And we have about a dozen or more lady bugs in the house in the last 24 hours. And hundreds of little, tiny black flying somethings.

Nancy J said...

25C, we were about the same down here.. we don't have to empty anything outside, our goldfish pond did have thick ice one winter before we had any fish there. About 4 inches thick, and stayed for about a week, in 2002. Enjoy the last of your warm days. Hugs,Jean. p.s. Off to see the wizard, aka, orthopod for the Sciatic Nerve Root injection this morning,. NBM from 6 a.m. so a very early breakfast for Hugh. Will do a full post when it's all done.

Lorac said...

It will be interesting today to see the result of the Supreme court. I think the right should be ours. So sad to close up for the year and I am not looking forward to winter. The older I get, the less I like it. :(

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Warm Autumn days are a real gift. Beautiful around your place.

Vagabonde said...

I like all your photos – a good variety. It looks like you have some nice fall colors already.

Red said...

FRi., the tenth we had 21 C. that's warm. Enjoy your warm weather.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Ahh those lingering sun-days... Lovely thoughts... YAM xx

William Kendall said...

Today of course was less pleasant.

I love that shot of Daisy in the sumac.

Marie said...

200 of those Asian beetles! Yikes! Lovely yard. Enjoyed the post.

Powell River Books said...

Your cats have so much fun. - Margy