Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hallowe'en cards - I wrote some poems

As many know, we have two granddaughters, 4 & 6 years old. Grampa, the sweet
One of my fave photos!
man he is, bought them some Hallowe'en cards. They have a mail box on their outdoor playhouse, a gift from neighbours who had outgrown it. We like to send mail to pop in.
We don't know how long we will have door-to-door mail service, and we must embrace it while we can! Keep it in our memories our Canadian history: rain, snow, sleet or hail!
I used the poetry style: AABA, BBCB, etc. I forget what it is called! It's a good little mental workout.


It's Hallowe'en
Foam play, selfie!
The funniest girl
We've ever seen

You are a pearl
You tilt and whirl
Never undone
Blonde hair: curl

You've been much fun
Since I've begun
Your big, sweet smile
You're our loved one

We'd run a mile
And jump a stile
You have no fear
On land or isle

Your sister dear
Bug cake!
We shed a tear
Says you are fun
But that is clear!


Tough as nails
You tell some tales
If you fall
There are no wails

You are a doll
On grass we sprawl
To talk of bugs
Both big and small

You give great hugs
Expression: mugs
Your face is sweet
Heart strings tugs

You are quite neat
Not so discreet
"It's a mess"
You do not cheat!

You do us bless
I must confess
When you come visit
Much love: profess.


Olga Hebert said...

The joy they bring to you both is obvious in words and pictures.

Judy said...

I bet they are thrilled to get mail in their own private mailbox!!!
I know my Mom likes to get mail in her box, too!

Anonymous said...

Awww - such lovely words and shots.

Nancy J said...

Lovely mail, in their own special letter box, and a super poem style, the first time I have heard of AAbA,BBcB and so on, you are so loving, and very thoughtful to give the girls this treat. Hugs to you both, Jean,

Hilary said...

Awww what a sweet thing to do. I am so ready for grands.. my son's are not even close though. :)

Marie said...

Beautiful, sweet post! Grandchildren are such precious parts of life!!!

Christine said...

lovely poems!

Christine said...

lovely poems!

William Kendall said...

Wonderful poems!

Red said...

I'm sure family will look back at these poems with a lot of pleasure.

Powell River Books said...

I bet they'll remember the mail and poems for a long time to come. Hate to see home delivery go. - Margy

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lucky girls -- they will remember their special mail forever! (And, probably, remember and tell their kids about how they used to actually GET paper mail delivered.) Times change.

You are a woman of many talents!