Friday, 24 October 2014

How do we maintain the values of a free and open society?

War Memorial
where the reservist was shot
Now, it is two days after this horrible shooting. We are back to normal, just about.  Most of the barriers are down. Local and national media and politicians are back to normal: arguing over what should be or should not be done. Naming, blaming and shaming. The media coming up with the right answers and asking questions to which they have determined the answer: closed-ended questions. Partisan politics are back, as various party members.

Conservative PM Harper is talking of new legislation.  The parliamentarians that have been interviewed are stating that rather than new powers for the RCMP and Security Staff, the RCMP should have more staff. Some MPs say we must look at the perimeter of The Hill, and more and better staffing, as well as more staff to prevent and monitor the crazies. Yet, couldn't an insane person take down perimeter guard staff? 

Many are still debriefing and coming to terms with the incident. This has helped me: to reflect.

You have been kind in your responses, blog readers. Many of us know people downtown. Many of us have trod the steps our our fallen soldier.

Many of us have had a meal at the pub opposite the Memorial where many gather.
The National War Memorial is where thousands gather on Remembrance Day. They lay their poppies in solemn ceremony.
selfie at the Darcy McGee pub!

The RCMP held a press conference that showed how quickly this crazy man went from parking beside the National Memorial, running over and murdering Cpl. Cirillo, getting back into his car and driving over to the Hill. He abandoned his car at the perimeter of The Hill, civilian cars are not permitted there, and he ran onto the grounds scaring several people away. He then  he scared off an MP's limo driver, stole the car and drove over to the entrance to Parliament Hill. The footage is excellent and very clear. It will give them some information, and allow them to determine next steps. Deep breath, people.

What do they do now?

Last night, the RCMP Commissioner showed footage of the shooter and how he got into Parliament's building. It is important that the powers-that-be determine what should be done for the security of the buildings. There is, I am sure, extensive footage of the take down. They will learn from this, as well.

They must balance the openness of The Hill, yoga Wednesdays on the lawn, and kids playing Frisbee.
Ceremonial events on the lawn will continue

The Media

Red's comment, in my previous post, is right. The all-news programs go over and over the same details, the same footage. Then, when they run out of questions, they repeat the same ones. They get the same answers: we do not yet know. 
Then they come up with crazy scenarios, and new ideas about what they think should be done.
Stand down, people. Take some time. Let the RCMP, CSIS, do their jobs and find out what they can.

Copy Cats

The barriers on The Hill: iron fence
There are those who believe that Wednesday's murdering rampage was a copy cat on Monday's running down of two soldiers.

There was a brutal copy cat attack on four NYC police officers yesterday. I'm so sorry for my U.S. blog buddies.  There are no geopolitical barriers when any person attacks another. Certainly, crazy Christians go after innocent victims as much as crazy Muslims. This we must remember.

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William Kendall said...

I was downtown again today. The lines had largely come down around the memorial, and there was quite a crowd. What struck me was the quiet of the place.