Wednesday, 22 October 2014

En-route Auto Program - savings for good drivers

Here is an interesting idea. For us, we don't do a lot of driving. And, you know how the bad kids in the class always got all the attention? This will reward us for being good drivers, which we are!

We are with Co-operators

en-route auto program

Insurance. Hubby went off to renew our policy and they offered, firstly,  a 5% discount with the installation of this device and up to a 25% discount when we renew. It's the size and shape of a cell phone battery, and simply plugs in.

The device connects to a port near the steering wheel, and sends information to Co-operators, rather like a black box, and tells them our speed, our driving behaviour and the like.

Now, we don't drive to work every day, it is 5km into town and we don't drive at night, either.
 If you know you are a good driver, you don't accelerate or brake frequently, if your night driving is minimal, as ours is, then you'll get a discount on your car insurance. Our long-distance driving has consisted of going into the city for medical appointments (83km into Ottawa) and we love our daycation driving.

"The en-route Auto Program™ tracks your driving in real time and rewards you when you practice safe driving habits. Fewer occurrences of sudden braking, rapid acceleration, late night driving, and distance travelled will increase your savings."
The kit comes in the mail


 Below is the type of data that the device collects on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It's only been two days for ours, but you'll get the drift. In our case, I installed it Sunday, and hubby has had a couple of trips into town for groceries. He's taken me twice into the ER and then to the drug store (that's the map's last location!). I had a cold first, then viral-induced asthma (they Rx'd me a puffer, which sure helps). And yesterday, with the coloured phlegm and mucus, it's gone from viral to bacterial and I have antibiotics.


Phil Slade said...

I know these devices are available here but I've not seen them explained so well as your post Jennifer. Like you, I think it would help me lowere my insurance rating as I rarely drive long distances, at night or on motorways.

Red said...

That's a hot tip. I'm also with Cooperators. It does seem like big brother. Get better quickly.

Nancy J said...

Jennifer, I do hope you are getting better, ER, 2 trips, hope that all went OK, and Yes, I would install this, savings in any form are better than spending, and if the info only goes to your insurance company, maybe helps them decide on premium savings in an easy way, Take care, both of you, and hope your firewood is ample for the winter, I look at ours and think of you stacking yours away, Jean.

Christine said...

I've heard about this Co-operator thing Jenn, now I know someone who uses it!

Btw, I get my cardstock from Winners, Walmart, even the dollar store! Take a look.

William Kendall said...

I'd have to get a car first...

Cloudia said...

ALOHA from Honolulu, Jenn
=^..^= . <3