Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Trip to Ottawa Hospital

Back we went for follow-up tests. As we waited, our urologist/surgeon was delayed an hour and a half due to an emergency surgery, I wandered to the window. You can see someone standing on a bench, in the rain. It was a bit weird.

The doctor believes we need to have another CT Scan and another Bone Scan done this fall.
 It was quite the drive.

As we left the hospital, there was a major driving incident between two cars: one with the back smunched in, the other with the front smunched in, neither driveable. Good thing they were near Ottawa Hospital!
I find it spooky.
It's terribly difficult driving by these ghost bikes, 
and roadside memorialson our way to 
cancer treatments in the city.
This one is for Meg Dussault

While preparing for a photo, hubby managed to grab photos of the black swans. On the way home I made hubby grab a photo of the ghost bike at the Bank St. Bridge in Ottawa. There are flower pots around it, too. A bit ghastly for me. I think we should remember the days they lived, and where they lived well, not where they died. In addition, it's a major in-your-face confrontation with our own grief and bereavement issues, while driving to and from appointments for cancer treatments, which isn't the best place for this.

My readers are right:

The dangers of cycling on Bronson Ave ... - CitizenCycle

cycle.ottawacitizen.com › News

Oct 22, 2012 - By Matthew Pearson And David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen ... Police sayKrista Johnson, 27, died Thursday night when the bicycle she was riding ... In her honour, there is now a ghost bike locked to a light standard near the .
A ghost bike roadside memorial sits at the corner of Bank Street and Riverside Drive, where a 56-year-old cyclist was killed on July 30 in a collision with a cement truck.


Powell River Books said...

Will be thinking of both of you. - Margy

Hilary said...

Yes, it would seem that these ghost bikes are the new simple flowers by the side of the road. I hope the test results are good.

Karen said...

I think that ghost bike is in honor of Krista Johnson....a local girl.

My dear daughter had her MRI pushed back to the end of November....not happy about that I can tell you.

We found a monarch butterfly fresh out of the chrys. this morning. The Man put it in the sunshine to finish drying and unfolding the wings. We found the chrys. a few days ago in some raspberry canes I was cutting down so we put it in a safe place.

Nancy J said...

Oh Jennifer, a hard day for you both, hugs and love from down here, as we each face illness of another loved one in our own way. Yes, a sad memorial, and I like to think we should remember the happy days, Take care, as you wait for more results. Hugs, lots, Jean.

William Kendall said...

I pass by that ghost bike periodically. It's been over a year now, if I recall. I find myself wondering when it's time to remove it.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I love that the camera diverts you during the necessary - then entertains us so eloquently! YAM xx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am sorry the news from the Dr was not entirely good... but at least it means that they are keeping a good eye on things and so that part of it is good news (I guess, sort of, because you do want to know that they are doing that.)

I absolutely hate those beside the road memorials ... completely agree with you -- honor their lives not their deaths (and I also agree that they are driving hazards).

Red said...

I hope those tests show positive things for Hubby's health.

Jenn Jilks said...

Thanks so much, all.
The surgery did not get all of his cancer cells. There was a 50;50 chance it would not. It isn't a surprise, but it is a shock to the system.

The tests will show if the cancer is spread (metastasised), or if it is localised around the area where the prostate was removed. If it is spread (i.e.g lymph nodes or bones), it will be androgen therapy, which will give him 5 - 10 years, or if it is still local, it will be 7 weeks of radiation, 5 days per week.
Either way it will be a long haul this fall.