Tuesday 30 September 2014

September 2014 weather

Friday, Sept. 21

Sept. 121mm

More rain. It was cold, frost on Friday morning, then better temperatures.
Balmy by 7:53 a.m.
little bit of ice

September 12/13th

The Aurora borealis wasn't visible, from sun's ice flares, as it was cloudy.
Power outages from the storm

September 11

A very cold end to the week. Saturday, the 13th, lots of rain. I've put out the bird feeders, the blue jays are frantically feeding. The hummers were here at the beginning of the week, maybe not now.

September 4/5 heat wave and humidity

What a storm! Sept. 5th was a thunderboomer, with 3mm on Friday.

September 2

A dump of rain. Total 48mm!


William Kendall said...

One thing is certain: we've had no shortage of rain over the summer.

Kay said...

Oh my! So you get to see the Aurora Borealis? You are so lucky. We've always wanted to see it.