Monday, 22 September 2014

Plans A, B and then C

Isn't this the best ad ever?!
We had big plans to go to Richmond Fair last weekend. That didn't happen. We had a last-minute appointment for a Bone Scan. I had a planned Wellness Retreat.

Then the rains came! After a titch of frost and a frozen bird bath, 0 C. Friday a.m., then two lovely, warm days.

It's such a change, both the cold weather and being in the big city.
Ottawa apartment building
I've put up the bird feeders, and had a lot of traffic. I had a mystery bird. I had to post it in order to ID it. I was deeply suspicious. It has the rose-breast of the male Rose-breasted grosbeak, and the head h colours of the female. It is a juvenile male of the species, after a couple of confirmations.
juvenile male Rose-breasted grosbeak
I had a lovely Wellness Day doing meditation, a rebirth circle, a yoga dance session, a lovely catered lunch, a Reiki session, and then a Aboriginal circle, with a First Nations couple, one of whom is a Shaman. Apparently, I need to see the doctor about my chest pains.  I started having some pain, despite being relaxed, just as Ross touched his chest. There is much we do not know.
A lovely summer-like afternoon!
I know they are signs of my high blood pressure, despite being on meds, and so I will do so.

We were hoping for the Sock Fairy to come and match them up, but she did not. The Mismatch Fairy seems to be winning!

Dorah and I worked hard indoors, while it poured rain, on the duvet cover I am building for my cousin.

Such a helpful Dorah - keeping me company.

I had to keep putting the duvet cover on the bed to pin it, and plan it. Daisy thought it a good idea to hop up and see what was up. She was wet from the rain. I kicked her out into the Muskoka Room. Buster was quietly sleeping after bringing us 5 mice.

I couldn't figure out why Dorah was half under the dresser. I lay down beside her, peered under the bed, and found a 54cm Butler's garter snake.
My snake, Mommy. You can't have it.
I released it

The rains passed over, the sun came out, and hubby took his cat for walkies in the back 400.

After this, we sat for a time on the bench in the sunshine, watching Dorah and Sadie enjoy the day.
In the evening, Dorah was exhausted. Hubby kept asking me every 5 minutes if I was OK. Yes, just trying to relax.


EG CameraGirl said...

WOW! You've been busy. Glad you found the snake and not me. :))

Hilary said...

Busy busy. Yes, do go get yourself checked out. With all the stress in your life, you don't want to be neglecting your own health.

Judy said...

You have been much busier than I have!!!

Nancy J said...

Your day sounds like just what the Dr ordered for you yourself, and down here we have a late frost, 1C early on, but hardly white on the lawn. Take care, chest pains, the unseen is always the hardest. Hugs.Jean

William Kendall said...

I hope the medical matters sort themselves out quickly.

Poor snake. At least the cats don't injure them.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Oh dear, being asked if you're okay can sometimes be one of the pressure raisers!!! &*> Seriously though, checks are good. So's sitting in the yard watching pets. Between those two things lies the answer... YAM xx

Red said...

Your wellness day sounds like a very beneficial learning experience. Get that blood pressure under control. High blood pressure is a baddy.

Anonymous said...

A snake-finding cat - that's great! Sounds like you've been busy.