Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It's that time of year with fall on the horizon

Just a few leaves are turning.
The sun has been shifting, cooler at night. It's a nice break and I don't mind the seasonal changes. Snow doesn't bother me and I'm thankful for warm clothes.

Jerry isn't thrilled with the temperatures. Geraldine just goes underwater all night.
Jeremiah was staying in the warm water.
Above the garage door on the wall...
Dragonflies are going to be gone!
Can you see the hopeful tree frog?
Look closer!
They will be hiding under the leaves soon.

Then, I moved the BBQ under the eaves, which I should have done after I finished cooking last night, and look what I found underneath.
Expert confirmation: Hypercompe scribonia Great Leopard Moth
Then, on our way in to see the chiropodist in Carleton Place, yes yet another medical appointment - he's high maintenance between food intolerances and PSA. He needs looking after, and me!
This dude passed us on a double line, going up a hill. Next, he passed the truck in front of us, he was doing 90km/hour as well. Can you see the oncoming car?

P.S. I have an ID for my previous caterpillar, with a face only a mother could love:
Lintneria eremitus Hermit sphinx
It looks something like this


Nancy J said...

Fancy that, a name to the face. Yes, you will be thankful for cooler days, and more appts., we too have them galore, but doing Ok at the moment. Jennifer, you, too, need TLC, can you have time out for yourself? Safe travel to the foot man!! Hugs, Jean.

Red said...

I wish you had an I.D. for the truck passing everything in sight. It's good somebody knows what the caterpillars will turn into. Most are very colorful.

William Kendall said...

The final version for that caterpillar's quite an eye catching one.

That driver is going to meet a bad end someday driving like that. Unfortunately they tend to take others with them.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
You're brave handling the hairy caterpillar; in both OZ and India such as these come with nasty skin reactions not unlike your poison ivy rash... they are lovely though. YAM xx