Saturday, 13 September 2014

Feline critter captures – I've been keeping track

Dorah's capture
Dorah brought this one
onto the deck.
I released it – all 61cm of it!
I was curious about the prey the cats manage to snag.

Mine bring their prey home, often into the Muskoka Room, Dorah comes in through the cat door with her catches.

Dorah dumped another field mouse in the hall, including grass and dirt. She meows as she comes down the hall, proudly announcing her capture! Twice they've been alive, and I've put them back outdoors!

The other day she brought in a live field mouse, who escaped into the basement for a day. Hubby saw it run by when he was down there working out! They captured that one at night.

The other day, we were sitting watching a DVD, looked down and there between us on the carpet was a live deer mouse. I took it outside!

The American Bird Conservancy claims that they KNOW this:
We now know that outdoor cats are responsible for the deaths of far more birds than previously thought (up to 3.7 billion every year).
They've extrapolated from some data, and truly don't have actual data. Its intent is to rile up bird lovers, methinks. I questioned their 'facts.' Cats as predators; we're meat eaters, too
A UK study claims far fewer, 275 million prey (not just birds) per year in the UK. They just don't know. On our 16 acres, there are a lot of mice! This is a different situation than in a city, as well.

I had some dippy tree-hugger university biology student demanding I post her hostile, puerile, disparaging comments, after an insulting debate on a Facebook bird lovers site. I just wanted people to question the claims. I was blocked by the bird lovers page administrator on FB, as they didn't like reading my opinion.

This Kellie S. came to my blog and demanded I post her 12 rude comments. I've since deleted them, on my good friend Kay's advice. People would rather get angry over misinformation.
This dippie broad wrote 1000 words on one comment- explaining how an ecosystem works and how I am interfering with it. For heaven's sake!
Dorah is looking for her snake!

It was about 10"
I've been keeping track of critters, just out of curiosity and wanting some hard data.

They tend to bring them home, either on the deck, or right indoors, where prey cannot escape. I find some on the driveway, but mostly they bring them to the house. They are well-fed on expensive hypoallergenic cat food, but this is an instinct and cannot be denied.

Total 49 critters


  • The four cats have caught 49 critters; 40 mice, a vole, 4 snakes (Dorah), a baby rabbit, 3" caterpillar, and a chipmunk.
  • They've caught 5 birds from June 29 -  Aug. 27, with two that I released.
Cedar waxwing

5 birds


William Kendall said...

Well now they have been busy!

One wonders what the snake must think of this treatment, being hauled around by a furball.

Red said...

I must be honest and say that I have reservations about cats. Your cats may be okay but other cats that are allowed to roam can do a lot of damage.

Karen said...

Some people would have us think that our pets should be kept indoors where they can't go after little critters.
Mine haul in only mice thankfully, some dead, some alive. I'd faint dead away if one brought in a snake!!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
This debate rages in OZ, but as pro native flora and fauna as I am, I also accept cats have rights... and humans are the worst of all predators so who are we to judge!!! YAM xx

Kay said...

I'm amazed that you've kept such accurate, scientific count of your kitties' doings. You must have taught science.

Powell River Books said...

Our cedar waxwings left a long time ago. The last to leave were the barn swallows. Our family of five departed last week. It is so quiet around the cabin. Now all we have are the resident ravens and a few eagles passing through. - Margy

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

In elementary school we teach everything, Kay!