Sunday, 21 September 2014

Civic Hospital Bone Scan

Friday was a long day. We were back to have testing. Friday, Sept. 19th was  a Bone Scan.
It is an interesting process. It would be more interesting if it wasn't a 90 minute drive.
Next, it is a CT Scan, then a consult.

Civic Hospital Bone Scan

Elevator c, 1st floor, Section F1 (Yes, print out a map  it helps)

    Friday, Sept. 19
        9:15 Left house
      10:20 Parking lot, I chose to go to the roof, to park in the sunshine! It was our first day of frost.
    Yes, remember your Level!
      10:45 Arrived in office. One person in the waiting room.
      10:47 Injection of die - dismissed until 1:15
    Parked on top floor, in sunshine. There was ice on the bird bath. But with 7C. and the sunshine, the a/c kicked in!
       10:47 – in for the inoculation with Lisa, who introduced herself. (Hospital protocol!) After 5 minutes Lisa got a vein first try. Good woman! The parking was $7.00. Out to Monkey Joe's for lunch. $50.00 for lunch. Yes, I had two glasses of wine! Back to the hospital. I find it helps to take photos and to be silly!

    Irony: Joe eating lunch at Monkey Joe's!
    Twas too cold for the patio

    It was quite exciting to pull into Westgate! Three fire trucks.
    Westgate had a fire alarm
    Ironically, this is why hubby attended my retirement seminar
    in Ottawa in 2005.
       1:00 Waiting room at 1:00.
       1:20 took another patient in.
       1:25 hubby powdered his nose. Guy here with PSW. He was sleeping, snoring, burping. You just have to laugh inwardly.
       1:25 they came looking for him, still powdering his nose, Judy went down the hall to chat with her mates. I didn't realize she was looking for him.
       1:30 In we went to the Bone Scan room. They scan one section at a time.
    Here he is. Radioactive material in his body.
    They slide him in.
    They finally called us in. Here is the machine, from the side, from our Nov. test.
    Nov. 2013

    Bone Scan from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
    Ever had a Bone Scan? This is what it is like.

       2:20 we were back out on our way down the maze of hallways to find the car. Parking was the max/day, $13.00. It wouldn't take his $10 and $5 bills. I don't know how some people do it. It was $20 for the two parking periods. I put it on my charge card. Traffic wasn't bad. Home by 4:15. We won't know the results until we meet with the doctor at the end of next month.
    On the way home again. SMILE!
     Lab and Imaging Tests
    4:30 Hubby went out to fetch fish and chips from the chip stand for dinner. Apparently, he can have this: no eggs in the fish batter. Thanks, Jimmy!



    Hilary said...

    That's quite the ordeal you both have to go through each time. I can't imagine how difficult the waiting will be. Hugs to you.

    Nancy J said...

    What a long and trying/tiring day Jennifer. I know the tests are necessary, and yes, I have had a heart scan where the dye was injected, they left a really long, long, very long fine needle in my elbow, did the first lot, off for lunch NO coffee, then or for 2 days before, then the last part. Hope your man was OK under the scanner, I am, but have friends who have to be SO sedated. Safe travels for the next instalment. Down here rain, gale winds and snow in the south. Hugs, Jean.

    Red said...

    The day sounds not to bad the way you say it but I've been on those marathons. You have all kinds of down time waiting. I hope the scan turns out well.

    William Kendall said...

    I hope the scans come out okay.

    It's been months since I was at the Westgate. I lived in the area for awhile.

    Yamini MacLean said...

    Hari OM
    Packed schedule - good ol' fish'n'chips can't be beat! In prayers. YAM xx

    Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

    I'm sure it does help to be silly and take pictures - - and I will try to remember this if/when we have something like this to go through), I didn't when it happened before; just stewed and fretted which didn't help the patient or me. Also I am sure it helps a lot that you take time to understand the procedures and make friends with the nurses etc. (I did try to do the latter two).