Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Eastern Ontario Bass Anglers Sportsman Society tournie at Rideau Ferry

Parking is at a premium!

Great excitement down at the Rideau Ferry Public docks August 23rd. I was curious, as I went down to do some shopping at Sew Crafty for my girls' dresses and spotted the cars on the highway. (Dresses are nearly done!)

Fishing tournaments are big bucks events! The websites are slick, the sponsors are serious and the prizes amazing.

There were cars parked everywhere, and it was difficult to find a spot to park. It turns out it was the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.!) qualifying tournament. They are trying to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.

The SuperBowl of fishing tournies. The big winner is the person who catches the most fish weight.
The first prize: $300,000!

There was much jolly bantering as the men were joking on the docks with obvious long-time rivals and/or buddies. The kids were having fun, too. Friday was the junior tournie, and they went out with guides to teach them the finer points. It is a catch and release tournament.
Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation
 Anglers from over 20 B.A.S.S. Clubs in the Ontario Bass Nation will compete in the two-day event vying for one of 12 positions available to form “Team Ontario”. 
In the fall of 2015, that team will advance to the next level and fish in the U.S. against other Teams from Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Spain in the Eastern Divisional. The top angler from each of these Teams moves on to the Nationals…with the ultimate goal being a berth in the Bassmaster Classic.  
The live release boat contains the most up-to-date technology in alignment with the best standards in live release systems. In fact, it is a fish management and rehabilitation center, which will expedite the weigh-in process and return the fish back to the water more quickly. 

Eastern Ontario Bass Open’s stage shore crew
 The OVSB planning committee is using the Eastern Ontario Bass Open’s stage shore crew, in-water weigh-in scales and live release boat. They are very efficient, with different containers for the fish as they are brought from the boats to the weigh-in to keep them cool and hydrated.

Poor shoppers are having a
tough time parking.
I love our
Rideau Ferry Grocery store!
Big Rideau is a beautiful lake
A few folks watching the weigh-in
These are the brand new Rideau Ferry docks! In the morning it's usually covered in Canada Goose poo, which is duly cleaned off.
The fishermen all line up at their appointed times, 3:30 or 4:30, to have their catch weighed. They have sophisticated technology, with a large flat-screen showing the individual's weigh-in results.

I went back on Sunday, and there were still quite a few trailers there.


William Kendall said...

Well, with that kind of potential payday, I can understand the reasons for people coming in. It's a lovely area there!

Red said...

So these guys can make a simple thing complicated. where are the days that you fished all day and took the fish home to eat?