Sunday 17 August 2014

Almonte hydro dam protests have made the news!

We lived through these protests in Bala. The whole thing has started up in Almonte. They already have a working hydro dam. This is another, as the water is strong, powerful, and should be harnessed. We are running out of non-renewable resources. The Bala signage turned off tourists and potential summer residents. Here we are, all over again.

I've noticed a couple of proposed developments around here. The latest in the S.E. Ontario region, are those who protest the Enerdu Power Plant at the Old Flour Mill Site in Almonte.

"Save" the Bala falls.
The protests and signage
has scared tourists
Many of these mills were built to harness power back in the early 1800s, when these towns were being built up. I won't say 'settled' as aboriginal communities used these rivers for transportation, using sustainable hunting and fishing strategies, long before we white folks were a gleam in our pioneer landowner father's eyes!

There is a romantic image of many towns, whereby they must stay the same, eschewing change, while still demanding hydro, the right to pollute land, sea and air, yet something has to give.

We have exploited the land for far too long, using it for money-making ventures. I think it high time we use this river to harness the power that will make energy sustainable for our grandchildren.

"Hundreds united their voices in Almonte Saturday on behalf of a voiceless part of their community. The river at the heart of the town is up for grabs by Cavanagh Construction Ltd."

They close the streets
for many of these festivals.
The river was a site of terrible flooding in the spring. A quick melt of a lot of snow. Almonte is a pretty town, but it is not the river which draws tourism dollars, it is the stores, the events and the people. Those who live and work in this town surely must begin to understand this. Roads are closed all the time for events.

The highlights of Almonte are its festivals and fairs

Puppets Up!

The Mississippi Riverwatchers

The Mississippi Riverwatchers
Take back the lake, the falls; NIMBYs abound


Powell River Books said...

We were just in Newfoundland and Labrador and they are building a new hydro power plant near Goose Bay, transmission lines over land, under the Strait of Belle Isle, across Newfoundland and underwater to Nova Scotia. It seems like a massive project that will also include a fiber optic link to improve voice and data services to Labrador. I know that lots of the smaller towns will appreciate both the power and telecommunications improvements. Our cell phone was almost useless except in the larger communities. - Margy

Ela said...

Wow ! What a gorgeous place and amazing photos !
Have a nice Sunday :)

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
It is a peculiar fact, is it not, that folks want all the convenience of modern services yet protest building of the infrastructure which will aid it. Water power is one of the preferable methods of power production - as is wind and there is a similar battle going on right here in Dunoon about proposed wind farm.

Lovely shots of that raging torrent! YAM xx

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with Yam. Hydroelectric power is far less damaging to the environment than oil, gas, or the once-ubiquitous coal. I do understand the people in the area being upset, but I spent most of my life in BC where there are many rivers, and hydroelectric power is a clean alternative.
Hope all is well with both of you, Jenn.
Luv, K

Vagabonde said...

What a lovely town! Your pictures really show the river well and its strength.

Nancy J said...

Here, the wind farms have had huge opposition, noise, health, blot on the landscape, but they are so far away from residential areas, unless you are up so close, and the noise is a "whoosh" rather than like a chopper thump, and when the blades turn, like ballerina arms on the horizon. Let the hydro project go ahead, safe, renewable, and probably in the long run, cost efficient. Lovely water photos Jennifer. Hugs,Jean

William Kendall said...

Locations have to be chosen carefully of course with this. Almonte is a beautiful town. I haven't been over there in awhile.

Red said...

It's time that we work to live rather than work to make money or steal from mother earth.