Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June weather –lots of tornadoes!

Here it is, July 1st, and we haven't had rain for 5 days.

June 23/4

By 10:00 a.m. we'd had 7mm, with rain still falling. Total 14mm.

June 16/17

What a mess across the province.

1. Over 500 without power in Torrance area after hydro wires knocked down

by Norah Fountain
Hydro wires spark, cause smoking bush across from Torrance Community Centre
3. There was a tornado reported in Angus, Ontario, too. It is near Barrie, about 100km north of Toronto.

  1. Tina Fourget did a great interview, and CBC posted her video (sans ad, I might add!).

    Angus storm witness

    CBC.ca ‎- 1 hour ago
    tornado blew out windows, tore up fences and sheared off the ... it ripped through the central Ontario community of Angus on Tuesday evening.
It is a bad spot, with moisture picked up from the Great Lakes and blowing it across the land. By the time it gets to us, it's lost a lot of its wind power. We did have 24mm of rain.

These are scary warnings. I recall the May 31st Oklahoma tornado that killed two National Geographic storm chasers. Tim Samaras, author of Tornado Hunter, and his son, Paul, were brutalised by a rain-wrapped, 3-funnel tornado. They worked hard to gather data and help the professionals be better at predicting storms. This storm picked up speed, changed directions, ultimately killing a total of 22 people. It is a lesson in awareness.
Hopefully, this app
will be ready by July!
There are people working on an app that will predict and forewarn of a Tornado. It is an interesting concept. They have crowdsourced and found Indiegogo funding at the rate of 160% over their goal!
Watch the video for more information.

June 12 - 14

Day #1 I compared the new and old gauges.
Day #3

A new one!

June 11th

Another storm came by. Poor hubby, again, was doing Meals on Wheels. We have had very hot days recently. I'm happy for the rainfall.

June 3

Lots of heavy rain in Toronto, but it seems to break up as it approaches us, like the stone in the river.
June 3

June 3 Ontario Tornado Watch


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

The weather has been unsettling for certain.

EG CameraGirl said...

It has been a crazy year, for sure!

Red said...

That's some wicked weather! We did not get in on the wet weather in Sask and Man.

William Kendall said...

We got smacked by some of it yesterday, but it didn't last long.