Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Flowers are very buggy around here!

Tons of bees about!
As promised, I took a walkabout on Oliver's Lot before and after the great tire launch incident. The plants and weeds are waist high, except where I cut a path. The flowers are humming with flying and crawling critters. We have bees, wasps, and all sorts of beetles.


This one helped me
-working beside the pond.

Kept on coming back!

I'm thinking this is a firefly!

This spider guards the Hop Bine
in the back yard

Dragonfly, eat those bugs!
Everything is blooming and fruit is growing.


Judy said...

I wish I knew where there were some blackcaps - black raspberries. My Mom used to have some...
So many little critters around!!

William Kendall said...

Beautiful macro shots. I was watching a bee busy at work today.

Roan said...

Nice variety of critter shots. Looks like those berries will be ready soon.

Debbie said...

just amazing.....but again, you really have a lot!!!!

Powell River Books said...

The dragonfly wings are amazing. So translucent. - Margy