Sunday, 20 July 2014

Babysitting Day 8: last one!

My Caitlin, painting a box –around 1981!
This week had taken me back. Usually, the kids all visit as a family. This time, we spent a long time getting to know one another, sans parents!

We eased into the day. Izzy locked herself in the bathroom, I calmed her down. She was wanting 'privacy', at first. I use Hobson's Choice: do you want to pee by yourself, or do you want privacy.
Locking the door somehow...
"Hold the handle, push it in and twist."
 "Doesn't work, Gramma!"
Hold it in again, and twist it the other way. Sweet relief!
Isabelle's artwork
My late father had earned his locksmith's certificate back in the day. I gave away his tools. Perhaps I shouldn't have, in case I had to pick the lock!
We found a Click Beetle
on Grampa's fountain!
Whilst dealing with the emergency, Jofee fixed her own breakfast, Cheerios, then put milk and cereal were put away, tidying up. She got herself dressed and did her teeth. She was ready for cartoons!
Grampa came into the TV room to say good-bye. He was off to a funeral for a childhood friend.
I was holding down the fort.
Dorah was supervising.
She caught two mice!
Mommy and PaPa are arriving home this evening. I'm pretty tired, so is Grampa. For someone who has never had kids, he is doing a fabulous job! A wee meltdown yesterday and he put his foot down. "I'm not talking to a girl who is crying!"
She listened to his seldom heard stern tone. Meltdown stopped! Izzy inherited the 'do it myself' gene from Mommy!

We've used up all our allowable bandwidth with our ISP this month. I've been uploading a lot of photos, downloading some videos. It's not surprising. When this happens, they limit your down and upload speed. Unfortunately, every group that sends out a newsletter includes images that must similarly be downloaded. If only they'd do simple text instead. It's poor Web Design 101. So needless.

We did so much art!



Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great week, despite the little temper tantrums and crying fits. I'm sure the kids had a wonderful time and will remember all the fun activities you did with them.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Temper tantrums are normal for me, I had one daughter, two sons. Grampa, however, didn't have kids, playmates or siblings! He has done so well with them. I remember handing him baby Isabelle and a bottle, while I put Josie to bed more than 3 years ago. I didn't realize he'd never fed a baby before! Old dog, new tricks!!!

Christine said...

The nice part is they go back home to their parents while you recuperate lol.

William Kendall said...

It seems you've had a good week!

Red said...

The kids will remember this for a long time. Probably the rest of their lives. I remember grandparents from the time I was four. You're a super grandma.