Monday, 23 June 2014

Garbage dump - take it home, tourists

No, we're not a garbage dump. Our county limits garbage to two bags per week. Otherwise, we can purchase extra tickets for them. This is why we pay our taxes, for services like this.

I go ditch diving 3 or 4 times a year to pick up the crap other people chuck out of their vehicle. No one likes to see this at the side of a highway. Garbage attracts the critters; crows, raccoons; and the bears simply turn boxes over.

That said, there are weekend tourists who like to dump their garbage with a local home's garbage at the end of our driveways. I caught one guy doing it once. He moved on from ours and went up to the next house. I wish I'd gotten his licence plate #.

I am so very angry. He doesn't deserve this.
Garbage provides a risk for critters, too.

Hubby is careful about the recycling. He washes everything to prevent bugs and critters from being attracted to it. He separates out kitchen garbage from other garbage. I put out the recycling on Sunday night (for Monday morning), as well as the non-kitchen stuff in a metal garbage can. This prevents the dang crows, or the bears, from getting into it. We know from Muskoka how bad the bears can be.

Unfortunately, in Cottage Country, the arse tourists think they can dump their garbage with ours and it won't hurt anyone. This is not true. I remember during the Toronto garbage strike, tourists would fill parks garbage cans with their refuse. Disgusting and horrible for both residents and animals.

Hubby, trying to keep up his physical fitness routine, despite not feeling very well, he took off at 7 a.m. with the remaining kitchen garbage. He found that someone had dumped a bag of garbage, and Butch Raccoon had gotten into it. It looked like raccoons. I told him to hustle off to swimming and I would take care of it.
This is the mess hubby found this morning. Gross.

Donning gloves, as well as bug protection, I went out to pick up the mess. This arse had dumped a garbage bag, including styrofoam meat trays, recycling, hot dog wrappers, lots of fruit remains, and a plastic bag full of blood-soaked paper towels, with our garbage. I hope he gets sepsis. It would serve him right.

This someone had a new boat, too, as there was an instruction booklet. I checked for any identification, but it had to be a weekend tourist at Murphys Point Park.

This is perfect for attracting critters. They love the smell of meat packages. This is what bears do: overturn boxes when they are hungry.
There are lots of bears about.
Bala Bear did this!
A heavy box for weekend garbage.

This is what raccoons do!
They lick the cans.


Red said...

We live a kilometer from a large mall. Literally truck loads of stuff blow from the mall...plastic bags. Coyotes have a feast every night as they pick up dropped food in the parking lot.

William Kendall said...

I remember once being at home in cottage country one morning, and some dolt had dumped a bag at the side of the road on the property. There was half eaten meat inside. A bear dragged it deeper onto the property, and was happily eating away. My dad and I had to chase it off by making enough noise, clean up everything, and take the bag to the dump. They never had problems with bears themselves, because they were always careful with garbage, but you can't let the bear associate your property with a food source, so we didn't have a choice but to clear him off.

Gail Dixon said...

I think this practice is deplorable. Hope you can catch the person doing it!

Nancy J said...

There is no excuse for garbage dropping, they should be able to find a refuse collection place, I have known a person who took their dog for a morning walk, picked up the poo in a plastic bag, and then left it in a person's collection rubbish container at the side of the footpath!!! Gloves, double masks, and then a hot shower, you are so good to do this, but on your own back doorstep, gross is the word, Hugs. Jean p.s. sort of OK here, nothing marvellous, a hospital appointment next week.

carol l mckenna said...

I agree whole heartedly with your wonderful mindful post and photos ~ Mother Earth needs to be better taken care of by us humans ~ thanks, xoxo

artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor)

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
From the sublime to the ridiculous with your two posts today Jenn; the lock is an absolute delight, the rubbish an absolute fright. Sadly this has taken place in other places with which I am familiar... so many folk just want to have others do the work. ggrrrrrrr...... YAM xx

Roan said...

I can't believe someone would drop their garbage off at someone else's house. How rude! I think it would be mandatory to clean out the bottles and cans in your area. We don't have bears here.

Debbie said...

yesterday, the hubs and i went to the beach to watch the sun rise. we missed it, damn that sun gets up early ;)

i was appalled at the amount of the garbage on the beaches, i can't believe people are still doing that!!! they should be ashamed, i would not leave a gum wrapper on the beach!!!

Hilary said...

It never would have occurred to me that someone would leave their crap for someone else to deal with. Perhaps they're thinking that it will just get picked up in the next collection but nobody who spends a few days out in the country could possibly think that critters wouldn't get at it first. So unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

People just don't seem to care about how their rubbish and littering affects the wildlife!

EG CameraGirl said...

Some people are very, VERY selfish and simply do not think about what they are doing. Very sad.