Monday, 16 June 2014

Eastern Milk Snake in the garden

This is a new species for me. It tried to bite me, just as I was putting it back down. Little dweeb. Fortunately, its jaws are too small. I learned my lesson.
I've picked up a baby water snake, no problem, as well as the garter snakes that are about. I could feel it constricting around my hand!

Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum
Back you go, little viper!

  • They can be 61 - 90cm; record 132.1cm
  • Cream, tan, regular brown blotches
  • Aggressive little beggar
  • juveniles can be brighter, e.g., red
  • belly whiteish, black checkerboard
  • smooth scales
  • lays eggs

Current Status & Protection - Ontario

The milksnake is currently listed as Special Concern under the Ontario Endangered Species Act, 2007 and Special Concern under the federal Species at Risk Act. The species has also been designated as a Specially Protected Reptile under the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. These acts offer protection to individuals and their habitat.

Milksnakes cannot drink milk, but do eat mice, the primary prey of this species. It is a semi-constrictor: it seizes prey in its mouths and coils around the prey until it has suffocated. Predators of the milksnake include raccoons, skunks, foxes and coyotes. 


Karen said...

I really squeamish about snakes, but at the same time, I realize how valuable they are in vermin eradication. We used to see the rat snake and the milk snake around here but no more. :(

eileeninmd said...

I do not mind the snakes if they are a distance away. Cool looking snake and great sighting..

William Kendall said...

Since they do such good work in dealing with vermin, I don't mind them at all.

Gail Dixon said...

Oh my! Be careful handling those things. He is a pretty little guy.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Trying to bite off more than he can chew was he??? In Oz one learns never to pick up a snake, no matter how 'baby', so I am guessing the bit is comparatively harmless?

The garden sculptures look wonderful - love that sort of thing. They have a long way to go to match these though! YAM xx

Roan said...

He has beautiful coloring, but I'm not a fan of snakes. They creep me out. :)