Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wood ducks –another project

Wood ducks are incredibly shy birds. I captured these using my plant cam, setting it up to take photos automatically, in 2012.

Again, on our point. Obviously several are about!
 I've seen them on the frog pond in subsequent years, albeit only from a great distance. I am very excited, as they have appeared again this year. AND I put up a nesting box.

I am not convinced they will be successful, plus we visit the pond rather frequently. I need to trim a couple of trees nearby, and the top of the dead tree, where the box is attached. This way predators do not get into the box. (I'll keep you posted!)
I managed a very distant shot from Oliver's Lot
from above the pond. The ducks love our vernal pond.

I found a YouTube video (below), the owner had a PlantCam installed in the nesting box. (Wouldn't that be terrific?!)
The birds launch themselves out of the box when they are ready to go. Bouncing on the ground!

Here is my new nesting box.
On a dead tree, protected by duct pipe.

There are nesting boxes in the area.
This are nicely placed in a swamp.
I don't know WHERE this photo is from,
but this is how wood ducks fly out
of the nest. You can watch videos of them!
It hunkers down to escape me.
This baby was crossing our property.
It was well behind the mommy and 4 sibs...

We went to Stanley Park, in Vancouver, and I managed to photograph a wood duck, close-up! I was thrilled!
We arrived home yesterday and I have a ton of photos to process!


Olga Hebert said...

Jump Day! So adorable. What a beautiful bird they are.

Roan said...

My favorite duck! They are beautiful. Those flying babies are wonderful!

Judy said...

Lucky you!!

Debbie said...

oh jennifer, these images are simply amazing....private moments captured, without disturbing natural routines!!

but that video, be still my heart. so many things running through my brain as i watched. how brave those little ones are, some braver then others....a few needed a little encouragement and it was always there for them. i think it was the boys, jumping recklessly, the girls being cautious!!

love, love, loved this entire entry!!

Hilary said...

Oh I love wood ducks. Lucky you for having some right there!

Red said...

This looks very much like my friend Phil French's video.He's very talented with the video.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I'll be watching with bated breath! YAM xx

William Kendall said...

They're such beautiful birds!

Kay said...

The coloring on the wood ducks are so dramatic and beautiful. These are gorgeous!