Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spring unfolds, deer folds it back

My readers love before and after photos!
Here you go.
daffodils just ready to burst
–trillium beside it

Alas, Bambi was hungry!
The about-to-sprout daffodils
–off with their heads!

She's so thin!
 You cannot be upset with the cycle of life. It was a long, hard winter for them. We have 3 very skinny deer left ambling about. The others have dispersed into other parts of the wetland.

She did leave me a few plants!

Rabbit has been busy, too. They love my crocus. I cannot help but think of Thumper.
Soon, they will munch on my Hostas!

CHOP! Off with their heads!

Lots of spring flowers
I covered up the remaining trillium.
She left some of the daffodils for me!
Bambi on the prowl...


eileeninmd said...

I love the critters. The Bunnies and deer are so cute, it is a shame they munch on your flowers and plants.

Naquillity said...

loved seeing the deer images. i haven't seen to many deer so far this year. i've only seen a fawn in february and a doe munching tree leaves this spring. usually i see them in numbers in a field close to our house. sorry about your flowers. i know that's frustrating to lose some of that beauty you carefully tended. have a great day~

Judy said...

Used to be a house on the highway that had a manger out in the yard, all winter, and loads of deer tracks...

Red said...

They had a very rough winter. they are usually in bad shape by spring. We had quite a few visitors in town this winter. I don't really know what they were eating.

Roan said...

I enjoy trying to get a deer picture. This one is really nice. He does look thin, though. Nice spring shots!

Kay said...

You are very kind, Jenn. I would be frustrated to see all my beautiful flowers being chopped off. However, you're right. It's been a hard winter and they need to eat.

William Kendall said...

Deer will do that. They got into the vegetables my dad planted one year, ate everything, and that's the last time Dad planted anything.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That's the upside and the downside of wild critters in your backyard. She does look like she needs the nourishment.