Friday, 11 April 2014

Flood watches across the province: River Bend Golf Club

Find out about flood conditions near you.
With our dump of rain April 8th (33mm in S.E. Ontario), the snow melted very quickly.

We had a medical appointment in the city.
We drove by many flooded fields, with water washing areas where it doesn't belong, creeping up to barns.
There was a road closed near Kemptville. Fortunately, most of these home do not have basement, being on a flood plain.

This golf club is one of the examples, with huge ice floes floating by me, under the bridge.

River Bend Golf Club from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
We have had major flooding in the region. The river is fast, dangerous and swollen, with huge slabs of ice barreling down the river.
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority has provided warnings. Here are a few resources:
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources — Emergency Management 
  • Public Safety Canada — Floods in Canada 
  • Goverment of Canada Self-help Brochure: Floods — What to do Before and After 
  • Conservation Ontario — Flood Facts Fact Sheet
  • MNR Bulletin - Watershed Conditions Statement: The Ministry of Natural Resources - Parry Sound District is advising area residents that Watershed Conditions Statement Flood Outlook is in effect for the District. (April, 2014)
  • Rideau Valley Conservation floodpage
  • Mississippi Valley Conservation watershed conditions
  • South Nation Conservation watershed conditions
  • Raisin Region Conservation flood foreasting
  • Cataraqui Region Conservation floodpage

    Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

    Yikes! Flooding can be scary.

    William Kendall said...

    They had ice settle on the banks of the Rideau in Old Ottawa South, but the worst of it seems to be past.

    Karen said...

    Friends of ours near Kemptville are flooded. They are on evacuation standby. A few years ago their basement was COMPLETELY full of water. Their old farmhouse has heritage status so they are quite restricted as to what they can do. Imagine the floods that house must have seen over the years!