Monday, 7 April 2014

Book Review: The Wartime Chronicles

The Wartime Cronicles
Having been sent this book by a publicist, I think this is a novel best read by a particular type of reader. It is dark and horrific. This is a quote from the second story, from the point of view of a soldier, contemplating writing home:
"I'm just going to upset everyone with my stories. I can't even think what my mother would say if I told her what I've done."
History Buff, hubby, said he thought it historically accurate. I'm not a fan of horror stories, although many are. When I facilitated a creative writing class for men in Beaver Creek men's penitentiary, I found that their writing was similarly dark. I'm sure they would have enjoyed reading these stories!

This is his review:

I read about 95% of the book, which I think has about 12 short stories in it. (There isn't an index.) According to the last story, the stories sort of tie together. In my opinion, they may but do not necessarily do so in a causal nature.
They are all bleak, short, but not overly violent, just all sort of a downer. The history, fictional history, geography, and politics, are within reason.

The bottom line for me is that this is not a book that I enjoyed. The only story for which I had empathy was "The Unsung Hero of the Space Age, " p.110, about the first dog in space from the dog's point of view .This, I found it quite touching. The rest left me neither entertained nor enlightened. Just a series of bitter ravings.

Michael A. Signorile
Author Michael A. Signorile’s“The Wartime Chronicles” (Fiction) is a small collection of stories that reveals how ordinary people deal with the horrors & tragedy of mass warfare. The book includes:

•       Speculative historically based fiction spanning from World War II into the present day.
•       The perspectives of several emotionally and politically different characters.
•       Emotional aspects drawn from challenges within family settings and the specter of warfare
•       A simple message within – “Do not forget what we are fighting for, whatever that may be.”

The Wartime Chronicles is available on, and Barnes and Noble, amongst other locations.


Roan said...

Think I'll skip this one. Great review though.

Red said...

I also do not like dark or violent stories. I quit C.P. Snow's the Malcontents. It was dark and slow moving.

William Kendall said...

Good review, and as you say, it's something a different kind of reader might go for.

Christine said...

This sounds like one to avoid!

EG CameraGirl said...

I have recently read a couple of depressing books so I think I'll pass on this one. I'm looking for something more uplifting. ;)