Friday, 21 March 2014

Womens World Curling 2014

Hubby has been following this tournie. Ironically, my client (who used to be a curler), watches it when I sit with him, too. He's been giving me some pointers (not that I will ever curl)!

Kids attended the recent
Dominion Tankard in Smiths Falls!
The clever teachers, who have been inspiring their students, had them create posters for each country in the tournament. Then, because some teams have fewer fans who attend than others, has the kids cheer for that team. It makes perfect sense, and it makes me proud to be a Canadian.

Each time our Canadian women play another team, TSN shows the poster created for that country.

It was fun because I celebrated the kids, teachers and their work, and the German Embassy favourited my photo of the poster for the German team. What a great lesson for the students. I always had kids do a research project on another country. They'd learn the flag, symbols, or do research about a particular historical event.
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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
We are not getting anything of the curling here...(sourpuss face)...

LOVED the artwork from your paint party. Have a super weekend! YAM xx

Vagabonde said...

I saw “curling” at the Olympics. I had not heard of this sport while growing up in France – I wonder what they call it there. It looks like it takes a lot of patience.

Red said...

What you're telling me is that I'm missing something. I don't watch TV.

Powell River Books said...

We have a curling rink in Powell River, but we haven't been yet to watch. We've missed this season, so we'll have to match up calendars with events for next year. - Margy