Friday, 28 March 2014

Winter: Last kick at the can this week

Apparently, Spring arrives this weekend! I love the changing seasons, and try to find the beauty in them all. Certainly, the photo-ops have been rewarding and challenging. They anticipate freezing rain today, Friday. We shall see! Currently, there is a couple of cm of snow on the ground, and it is still snowing.

Sitting in the sun Wednesday, is a treat. On a -5 C. day, under the shelter of our old White Pines, it was brisk. The sun kissing my face, keeping me warmish! The Pine protected me from the cold wind.
I've been working on an cross stitch project my late mother started in the 90s, but didn't finish. She died in 2006, Mother's Day weekend, and I've been working at it off and on, since discovering it in her project basket. It's very complex, picky work. My ex-late husband used to do embroidery, funnily enough. It's such precise work. I'm not great at it. I've been somewhat creative with this, as I can barely see the directions. They are very complicated, and make me cross-eyed.
The hoop helps, I maketh progress!

The white and black fur on it doesn't help!

limbering along
I love reading the tracks in the snow. Yesterday, I spotted raccoon tracks across the yard. If they are up and about, it must be spring!
Big paws! 3"

About 8" apart

S/he sunk down in
the 2' snow in spots!
Big paws!

A Bala raccoon

This 'coon visited March 27 last year!
S/he was missing a paw.

The twins are much help, playing in the snow! Dorah found the brown spot, where the sun had freed the sleeping brown grass. She followed me, as did Daisy, as I explored the tracks. Dorah took off towards the back, where I spotted the wolf the other day. She was after a squirrel!
Dorah was bold!

I cleared off the bench, still buried in snow.
The deer's bloody prints still remain.
She was the one who got away!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
It's nearly here Jenn!!! Well done on persevering with the project, you're a braver woman than this one &*/ YAM xx

Red said...

The sun is up high enough that you can get some warmth out of it. Buried in the hay on the south side of the haystack was a pleasant place to doze.(But you wouldn't know anything about haystacks.)

betty-NZ said...

I can only imagine how happy you are to see signs of spring! Love your photos!