Friday, 14 March 2014

Storm cleanup; what a load of work

Front walk had 25cm
It's good work. Bracing in the -15 C. morning cold, but the sun warme
Holy liftin snappers, it's deep!
d the cockles of my heart. Actually, the activity heated me up! My hands were freezing, and I had to beg hubby to fetch the warmest gloves.
That said, I had fun, and paced myself, by taking the odd photo.
The road traffic was awful. Everyone must have slept in, or maybe its just that 'hurry up, I don't want to follow you' attitude.
I'd looked down the road, and saw a vehicle about to pass another, heading straight for me, where I was standing at the mailbox. He changed his mind, thankfully. I lived to tell the tale. It was an Invisible Fence®Branded car. 

What I didn't realize is that I'd broken off the shear pin on the blower on one side of the axle. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. You can't watch the blades turn, as you must hold the handle down. A good failsafe. Bob V, of Bob's Mobile, fixed it that afternoon! Bless his heart! We had a good chat.

Unable to rest after lunch, I had to bring more wood in from the shed. With -15 C. temps, I'm happy to supplement against our propane bill!
Snow drifted across the top of the roof
and onto the front step.
It's all good exercise!
Hooray for the snowblower
First swipe down and back,
5 more runs to go!
Hubby swept off the front porch for me.
He was waving! Can you see him?
Snowplow was passed by two cars on our 500m stretch.
The Door Doctor – hope he doesn't need a doctor later.

And the pick-up truck passed, too.
I wonder how they get their jobs done.

What a great invention!
The snow blew across the driveway.
It was much deeper to the north side.

'Twas 60cm,
but the middle of the drive
it was about 35cm.

It was brisk. Should have worn a scarf!

Crisp, clean lines! 
The end in sight! Gotta love that sunshine!

I'm half done! It's a 100m driveway.
I even had to cross the road,
plow out around the mailbox.
If you look in the distance, you'll see several vehicles,
all driving by at Nascar speed.
They all pass coming north from this curve.
This is where two of our cats
have been struck by cars.

Now our mail ladies and newspaper man
can get at the mailbox!

The beauty of a
March storm:
the heat of the sun
melts the snow!

In the backyard, the deer circled the bird feeder!
They are worried about the 'blue cat' under the feeder.
(That's what I think they thought!)
It's a bucket of water, as they were drinking 
from meltwater that collected from underneath.
Rather than helping them, they were afraid.
They gingerly, cautiously, approached the feeder.
The shed has a lovely wrapping
of snow

The wind blew layer upon layer onto
the shed roof.
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Anonymous said...

Winter has given us our fair share of exercise this year but I'd sooner be digging in the garden to burn off calories :)

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

That's a good point, Linda, but with our cold March temperatures we need the snow for plant protection!

Janice Adcock said...

Your photos are beautiful. I am equally certain you are ready for spring!

Heather said...

Great photos. March can sure pack a wallop, can't it? Here's hoping for no more big snowstorms this season!

Christine said...

soon it will be spring!

Red said...

That's a major dump of snow. Yes you would get exercise out of that much snow.

Karen said...

I'm so thankful we didn't get a single flake from this one!
We had to go by a neighbours farm and buy a load of firewood yesterday. Good wood too so it should last us the season. This is the first firewood I've had to buy since 1998. The price of it just about choked me!!!! We're plotting and scheming over how we can get busy cutting more wood for next winter.

DeniseinVA said...

This is a lovely collection of wintry photos. Glad you got your snow blower fixed. You'd definitely need it up there. Glad the driver changed his mind also. So, I'll end with saying stay safe and I hope that's the last of the snow weather you'll be getting.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow piled up on the shed! Beautiful skies, however!!

eileeninmd said...

Pretty skies and beautiful snowy scenes.. Lovely photos, happy weekend!