Sunday, 30 March 2014

March 30th - another dump of snow

Things were melting nicely. It was beginning to warm up. Most days have been above zero C., if not the nights. The wind is blowing the snow off of the roof.
We're nearly out of firewood, which I'm darn sick of hauling, even if it is god, healthy exercise!
Instead, yesterday I playing with Dreamweaver, and dreamed of day trips in the warmth of the summer sun. We managed to visit all 7 Wonders of Lanark County in 2012.

Click on the hot spots in the photo to find photos of these hot spots!
Tourist season is approaching!
Rideau Ferry, Westport, Otty Lake, Coutts, Rideau Ferry Beach and Boat Launch, Perth Golf Course, Foley Mountain!

signage lanark county westport rideau ferry otty lake coutts beach golf course foley mountain


eileeninmd said...

We are having a rainy weekend here. I am just glad it is not snow.. Happy Sunday!

Christine said...

It's a nice time of year! And the ice is retreating slowly but surely!

Red said...

We've all had our turn at stormy weather the last week or ten days. I keep saying when it comes it will be with a bang. At this time of year we can get some very warm weather.