Saturday, 22 February 2014

Goldfinches at the feeder

These aren't great photos, through the front window, and using the automatic setting. They are sweet!

I wanted a bird bath, and bought a heater. I'm using an old metal garbage can lid. It's not pretty, and it leaks, other than that it's perfect! Most days, just filling it with snow tops it up.
I had to rest it on a plant stand, which froze with water and keeps it filled. Just a bit of a mistake.
I just might invest in a proper bird bath. We had one once, but it was stolen. I was so sad. It was a wedding present from my mom and dad, just before they both became sick.
Bottoms up!

Happy pair
Back on our
front lawn: Hobart Ave.
It was a lovely bird bath, with heron carved in it. Each piece, top and bottom, weighed about 50 lbs.! This is our old, old house. On prom night in June, when the kids steal lawn ornaments, someone dragged it to a car or truck. Such is life.


TexWisGirl said...

sad about the theft! but your birds appreciate your water just the same. :)

Ela said...

Oh, lovely pictures of birds

Debbie said...

awesome captures of these little cuties. they look beautiful, any time of year!!

and i think these images are wonderful!!

carol l mckenna said...

Great photos of the gorgeous birds ~ thanks, Happy Weekend to you ~

artmusedog and carol

Snap said...

cute goldfinches. I know they appreciate the water you supply. Happy Critter Day!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It's fun to have feeders and birdbaths where you can see them out your window (esp. in your weather).... sad about the theft too because of the memories attached. Sometimes things are not just things, they are ties to our past and our loved ones.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Loved the cats and the birds posts. You have so much animal life around you - it is just joyous!! Hope you are having a super weekend. YAM xx

Olga said...

I do like goldfinches. Very sweet.

eileeninmd said...

Sorry about the bath! Your goldfinches are adorable. Thank you for linking up to my Saturday's Critter party. Have a happy weekend!

Red said...

Heated bird baths in winter are winners. I lost some huge old planters to the same tricks. These weighed at least 50 lbs.