Wednesday 26 February 2014

Annual inoculations and examinations: 4 cats to the vet!

Yes, every year. Deworming, needles, physical examination,
Dorah as a kitten
Daisy and Dorah, Oct. 2012
They are terribly cute as kittens, but they grow and need to be cared for, monitoring their weight, heart health, coats, getting rabies shots and FVR.

In April, we begin watched for ticks and fleas.
Dorah at the vet,
in Oct. 2012
It's quite the project. The rewards of pet ownership are immense, as many of my blog friends know! If you can afford it, and can maintain their good health, there is research to support the social/emotional value of having pets. Pet therapy animals are the perfect example.

Sadie has been our main challenge. She developed food allergies, which is simply rectified by hypoallergenic vet-sourced cat food. With four cats, however, they all have to eat it.

First day, Sadie

I needed a strategy. Firstly, hubby walked softly into the room, grabbed her by the scruff and called me in. I took her by her neck and wrapped her in a towel with the other hand. Unceremoniously stuffed her in the crate, after she'd growled at me.
 One needle, one inspection, one thermometer up the rear quarters.
Buster was concerned,
sitting behind her.
All is well. She has lost a pound from last year, and is now 12.75 lbs., reaching a fine old age of 8 years. That was Monday. Tuesday, we tackled the other three.

Day two

Grumpy girl of 8 yrs.
Everyone else. Two girls in the larger crate, which is less sturdy. Buster in the harder shelled crate. Covered with a blanket, and popped into the back of the car.

Once at the vet, we brought them out one at a time. Dorah has a history of climbing. She did the same thing this time!

Buster, with his chipped tooth seems fine. He's a sturdy 12.3 lbs., a little less than biggest sister. He is the teenager, about age 3, and has an active life. The coyote feeding on the deer carcass in our side yard hasn't dissuaded him of his nocturnal adventures. 
Dorah (12.4 lb.) has some dental plaque, and she'll need some toothpaste gel to kill bacteria. Daily for a week, then weekly thereafter. She could use a weight loss program, but she, like Sadie, is reluctant to go outdoors in the cold. We'll fix that with forest walkies in spring.
Daisy (7.6 lbs.) also has plaque and a gum infection, as well as an eye infection. She's a slim trim little fireball! I've been putting optical Polysporin in twice a day, but should have been doing this 4 x's per day, as it seemed to come back. I'll do this another week.

Thank goodness for the Line Of Credit! The bill, including a bag of dry cat food, shots for all, 4 examinations, 'toothpaste' = $400. 

Daisy tries out the ($25) carrier

Dorah resting before her trip

Buster tries out the new/used carrier

Dorah leapt from the scale to my shoulder

Pretty happy up there

Buster's turn. "Save me, Daddy!"

Finis. He popped himself back into the carrier.
He got out, and went into the other carrier with Daisy,
while the vet examined Dorah.

Dorah got onto JB's shoulder.
She's a bit heavy!

Daddy will save me

Pippin, the resident vet's cat with 3 legs.
A fan of my coat!

Home again. Ready, set, go!
Daisy and I went and fed birds.
horse skull
Cat skeleton
(Vets have interesting AV aids!)


Olga said...

"Like herding cats" is an expression I have heard in reference to a difficult job to be done. When we had our one cat, it was difficult enough getting him to the vet, and the older he got the more he hated it.

Ela said...

Beautiful cats ! Dorah, Daisy and Buster are so sweet. They have so wonderful family :)

Debbie said...

i am not a cat person, but these are soooo cute. looks like they are bringing you lot's of joy!!

Kay said...

I'm also not a cat person, but yours are beautiful. It just shows what fabulous caretakers you are that they are glowing with health and contentment.

Christine said...

good parents!