Sunday, 19 January 2014

Yesterday, I was birdwatching

The Cardinal is so very striking, with his red serge suit, snow falling softly around him. I grabbed my camera, despite still wearing housecoat and jammies, and stood there in the -10 C. temperatures, trying to focus on the twit. He was a stubborn boy. Just when I managed to focus, despite tricky graduated eye glasses lenses, he'd move. I caught a fun photo of him flying away. The dweeb got tired of being my subject, plucking buds off of the cherry tree (cherries were abundant last summer), and flew to the front yard. He's trying to navigate the feeder in front, but so far the Blue Jays have been intimidating him. When I went out front, he took off to the backyard to the lilac tree! 
He kept eyeing me from the cherry tree

Did he know he was behind a branch?

Snow falls around him, I was freezing!

cardinal on lilac tree
Here he is on the lilac tree

Nope, you can't catch me!

Junco in the tree
Junco in the Catalpa tree in the front yard

Male Cardinal
Male Cardinal - that's a shot between the white railings!
Taking turns?

Male Cardinal eats a tree bud
Male Cardinal eats a tree bud


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I know I read this, and I know I commented. Blogger has been acting so strangely today. I keeps telling me I've "logged off from another location" —so what wonderful things did I say yesterday? I forget. But I'm jealous of your cardinals. I have seen one-count-em-one bluejay here in Alberta, and if there are cardinals, no one has told me.
Still laughing about you out in your jammies. Before you look outside to see if there are birds or other critters, you should get dressed, just in case. A free bit of wisdom from Auntie Kay, who seldom gets dressed at all most days.
Luv, K

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh my, the things we will do for a photo. I've been known to run out in the snow and ice too.

The red of the cardinal really stands out against the snow. But shame on him for being so uncooperative.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I'm with Kay - am sure I commented on this at the time...

Not to worry because you were good enough to linky it for Wings on Wednesday so I got a second viewing. It is a truly outstanding bird!! Thanks for joining in. YAM xx