Friday, 10 January 2014

This is an amazing video of a multicar crash: slow down out there!

It's hard to imagine, but these kinds of incidents are becoming more and more common. Stay in your car or get the heck out!


Hilary said...

Holy smokes! I've never seen anything like that. It just never ended. And those people kept running back to where they were most vulnerable.. presumably to help others. Scary stuff.

Kay said...

Good gosh! This is crazy!

Kay L. Davies said...

Ouch. I kept looking for rescue vehicles, or signs of life from those four cars in the middle.
But one of the funniest accidents I ever saw was today.
We have two red Chevy Malibu sedans. The older one is called "Kay's" and the newer one is called "Dick's" but they both belong to him.
This evening, he came home, intending to park his car in front of mine. Yes, there's snow, but there was no other traffic. My parked car, him driving the other car. As he nipped in a little too quickly, his car deftly extracted a headlight from my car. It was all I could do not to laugh as I watched through the window.
No bones were broken in the making of this experiment in car-as-light-extractor.
Luv, K