Sunday, 12 January 2014

I've been drawing!

Inspired by some blog friends, I tend to do some sketching to relax while sitting with my clients.
Some are in a coma, others are not. Usually, if they sleep I will do some drawing.

It's lovely to sit, no pressure, just for fun to draw.
There is a lot of pressure for people my age to use their brains in this way: in a variety of activities, that makes you stretch. Theoretically it is supposed to "prevent" dementia. HAH!
It's amusing, and passes the time, and I tell my clients that my grandkids put my drawings on their fridges!

Dementia, for many is the least of our worries. Communication issues affect many.

My latest client has ALS and used a text-to-speech app on her iPad. It helps her to communicate since she is aphasic. It was something to do while we watched the news.

She wanted to give me an eraser, typing a message where it was in her cubby, but I declined, since I'm not allowed to take gifts! It's a bad precedent to set for paid and/or unpaid caregivers. You can also draw with this application. There are many on the market.
My client smiled when she saw my drawing. It was a good visit. This kind of application is terrific for special needs folks.

Here is more inspiration!
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Susan said...

Your lady bug makes me smile, a sweet sketch.

Susan said...

Your lady bug makes me smile, a sweet sketch.

eileeninmd said...

Cute drawing, love the ladybug! Happy Sunday!

Giggles said...

Great post I'm still smiling about your grandchildren putting your work on their fridge!! So fun!! Love your cute perspective!! You go girl!! Adorable artwork!

Hugs Giggles

Christine said...

Lovely spring like Sketch Jenn, welcome!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous and whimsical..a very fun-spirited drawing..feels like a beautiful enchanted story!
Happy PPF
Victoria #40

annkrier said...

you have a very tough job. we recently lost my FIL who had severe dementia and in addition to us, we were fortunate to have four others to help care for him. I can see how sketching and sharing it with the clients would help out.

Olga said...

Technology has come such a long way. I remember the early days of computers and It amazes me how much they have since changed lives.
I doodle. Does that count as a brain saver...because I will need all the help I can get!

Helen said...

Aww a lovely sketch which really made me smile. Happy SS

Ginny said...

Your sketch is wonderful. Sharing our work with others is a great way to brighten the day for both.

Red said...

I took a quick look at the first drawing and dismissed it. On my second look I saw the three characters hidden in the foliage and their reactions to each other and I said this is a good piece. So keep on drawing. Since you're tricky you've got me on edge. Taking second looks is also good for the brain!!!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

pretty sketch and funny about the kids and their fridge :)

your clients must be very happy when you show up to make them smile : )

Hilary said...

I see you're dreaming of summer. Cute drawing. Tough job.

WrightStuff said...

Cute sketch!

Alexandra said...

What a fun sketch - full of life and vibrant colors. :)

Kay said...

This is so cute and sweet. You actually made me sit down and do some painting again.

Kay L. Davies said...

A fun drawing, and some day your granddaughters will indeed be putting them on their fridges!
I used to enjoy drawing when I was a schoolgirl, but haven't drawn anything but floor plans for imaginary houses in the last 50 years. Might be fun to try sketching again, and, as you said, good for my brain.
So nice that you got a smile from your client. I'm sure it made your day.
Love, K

Debbie said...

such a cute drawing!!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Your drawing is very cute and happy.
Something you must find within when you are a caregiver.