Thursday, 2 January 2014

Horses, buggies, and wagons!

My late mom's tea wagon!
Stripped and refinished (2010)
Hubby loves horses, we go to a lot of horse shows, and I've found my fair share of horse and buggy photos. Then, lots of wagon photos!
Muffin Muncher hopes for a wagon ride.
decorative wagon
Jofee pulling Grampa's wagon
Jofee pulling Papa on the wagon
farm wagon

A wonderful culture around wagons

Fine horse wagon

Fair wagon

Amish country

MPP wagon
"Good old days" wagon
He looked so happy on his wagon!
Doesn't this look like a fun hobby?


Wagon in Perth
Tourist trip!


Kay said...

Lots of beautiful horses... I guess I've never ridden a horse. I've ridden a camel, a mule, a donkey... but no horse.

Olga said...

A nice collection of images here.

Red said...

There's a lot of good history in the horse shows when they make wagons from a special period.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fun and varied covered all the definitions of the word (between this post and your next one about being 'on the wagon'). Love the one of your granddaughter pulling her granddad...and the refinished tea wagon of your moms.