Thursday, 16 January 2014

High marking, sledding, skiing, avalanche, ATV deaths

The statistics bear us out. Whether you are on a snowmobiles, skiing, high marking, or on an ATV, stay on the trails, especially in recent years with Climate Change causing thaws, and extreme conditions.

OPP remind snowmobilers about safety after five fatalities this season 2013/4- Lake 88

All five of the fatalities took place on roads and the OPP is reminding snowmobilers to always travel at speeds which take into consideration not only their ability as an operator, but also the weather and surface conditions in the areas in which they are travelling.

I must believe these to be self-inflicted deaths. People who love that adrenalin rush over and above  their love for self, family, and friends cause much grief.

We begin with Shumacher: Family and friends at bedside of comatose Michael Shumacher, who chose to leave the marked trail, hits his head on a rock, and is currently in a coma.
Then we have avalanche deaths. High marking is a challenge to go as high as you can.
This is the way they celebrate speed and power. This is the price their families will pay. They call it Sled Shot. Boys and their toys...   can see the chaos, the machines, the speed.

Sledding at the speed of suicide

ATV accidents or incidents?

Reported Injuries: 7 | Deaths: 5
April 19/2010ATV accident toll

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