Thursday 12 December 2013

Sady's Christmas video 2005 and other Sady photos

I hand-made a little creche scene. Baby Sady decided that they were fair game. She's grown up quite a bit since then. I told the tale here, The Gift of the Magi.
Then, I began to dig up some old Sady photos. She is the queen of the felines in the house.

Sady (rescue cat - born in 2005) is hubby's cat. I left in April, 2006, to go to Bala, Muskoka to look after mom and dad. She totally bonded with him, even sleeping on my side of the bed! They hold hands while we watch TV. She's quite the cat. She was affectionate with me yesterday, when she wanted some more food and the other cats were outdoors!

These photos are for hubby, who loves his cat!
She loved the old deck rail
Looked left and right!

Brian walking Sady on the ice
Sady hunting
tree hugger
waiting for Santa


where did the snow machine go?

She loved the lake - now she prefers indoors
Sady and the late Mitzi
bird watching
They like watching football together! (Bala)


Judy said...

What a sweetie!!! She has the same colouring as my first cat!!!

Kay said...

Ouch! That looks like a chipmunk. My daughter might get a cat if she saw this photo because their neighborhood is over-run with those cute, but pesty creatures.