Saturday 14 December 2013

December weather: another snomageddon in Muskoka!

My friend, Ruby, sent me this photo!
With 60 cm, the drifts are amazing!
What a blast they've had. My friend in Muskoka tells me there is about 18", over 45cm, in her yard!
Another friend, in Huntsville, tells us she had 60cm of snow!
The snow squalls from Lake Effect Snow on Wednesday were shocking. Driving was terrible.

Highway 11 between Bracebridge and Gravenhurst vehicles are at a complete stand still. While near the on-ramp for highway 11 and 118 vehicles are also stopped. We're expecting those conditions right across the region today. Stay tuned as traffic updates and cancellations continue.
This is caused by cold winds blowing across the warmer Great Lakes. The happy water molecules are happier dancing up in the clouds! Over they come and dump their load.

This is an annual sort of thing. I remember being in Muskoka, just east of Georgian Bay, where we had a dump of anywhere from 85 cm in Bala, to 150 cm of snow in Mactier.
(See the video below!)

Nancy, at Bondi Village, sent some photos!
Robin took this one!

The radar shots are amazing this week.
The winds were quite powerful, too!
That snow can fall in Muskoka - this was 2009!
With the hills  and lack of snow tires, it caused quite a commotion! I hope you like my video! It show just how much the drivers risk life and limb!


Christine said...

Oh wow we are waiting for a dump this afternoon in Toronto.

VioletSky said...

I sort of miss living in the snow belt.. But today, we are getting our own lake effect snow!

Kay said...

Good gosh! This is what I call REAL snow!

Hilary said...

Holy smokes! I'll quit complaining about my mini dump now.

Red said...

There seems to be lots of snow to go around this year.