Tuesday 31 December 2013

December precipitation

We've had enough snow to require a bit of brushing, rather than shovelling over many days.
The temperatures have fluctuated widely, with Frost Quakes shaking the ground. The extremes are terrible for humans and beasts.
Dec. 24th we have about 30 cm of snow on the ground. This lasted until the end of the month.
The poor deer are cracking their shins in it, since there is about an inch of ice on the surface.
Dec. 21st the freezing rains came. The worst seems to be across the province, near Lake Ontario.

The ice storm was terrible all across southern Ontario, as well as spots in the eastern US. They are recovering, with only a few left by Dec. 29th.

Ice Storm 2013 –much anger and vitriol

DEC cm
2-Dec 2  rain, melt
11-Dec 4 snow
12-Dec 2
17-Dec 5
18-Dec 5
19-Dec 5
20-Dec 5
21-Dec 5  ice rain

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