Friday, 1 November 2013

October rainfall: final tally

OCT 113 mm
6-Oct 6
7-Oct 26
13-Oct 5
18-Oct 20
19-Oct 15
23-Oct 3
29-Oct 8
30-Oct 30

Yes, a big wind across the southern border of this province. 
A total of 30 mm last night. There were some sopping wet Trick or Treaters!
The wind drove the cats wild. That and the warm temps. It was up to 16 C. when I went to let a cat in in the dark hours of the morn.


Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Felt those winds here in Toronto in our condo!!

Kay L. Davies said...

And wouldn't this be a good time to say "Gadzooks"?
Well, we have rain in the forecast this weekend. I think I'll stay inside and try to convince the dog she doesn't have to go outside until Dick comes home. Drying her wet paws is a bit more exercise than I can handle at the moment.
But poor you, and all that rain. Gadzooks. Yes, gadzooks indeed.
Luv, K

Powell River Books said...

We had a wet September, but a very dry October at the cabin. We went back to Bellingham and couldn't figure out what happened in our hangar at the airport. A huge one and a half inch think plywood sheet that we have on the floor was moved about ten feet away from it's spot. Then we learned there was a heavy rain and the drains outside couldn't keep up and a flood ran through the insides of the hangars. Scary! We have lots of things stored inside, but it only flooded the font where nothing was damaged. - Margy