Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dorah is getting into dirty trouble...

She likes to play in the dirt!
She is more of a house cat than twin sister, wee Daisy.

Inclined to pop outdoors for a short time, and
back indoors to mush with hubby and get warm, whereas Daisy spends hours playing outside, as does the big boy, Buster. Sadie is a fair weather indoor cat, although she'll take the odd walk in the forest with hubby!

Yesterday, Daisy dropped a mouse friend in front of the door side window. Easy for me to see through the glass. She was so proud, after hours outside in near-zero weather. Today it was -10 C., and the cats only lasted a few minutes.

Dorah smelled her intensely and spotted her mouse breath, then stole the mouse away to tenderize it!

Dorah likes doggy digging under the blue spruce tree, where her mouse friend, a field mouse, has a hole. She is much fun to watch, getting her arms in up to her shoulders!
Our spruce tree with lights.
We have endless tunnels underground, where the mice play.

Coming in with a dirty face, we know she has kept busy outdoors. Often, Buster will come over, and give her a bit of help, washing her face for her. He's a good big brother.

Mice friends live here!
Thing is, we know we have mice in the attic. In the great drought of 2012, the house shifted on its clay foundations, and the moulding around the chimney exposed a space where the mice can come and go. With 4 cats in the house, they've caught the odd one, but, for the most part, the mice stay in the closed off attic.

Dorah stands 'on guard for thee' on top of the ledge (below), gazing diligently, waiting for mice friends. It certainly keeps her busy!

Time for wash-ups, Dorah!
Dorah sits here for hours at night.
 It appears she uses Napster and the porcelain cat as a screen, waiting for a mouse to appear.

Oh, mummy,
you're bothering me!

They are all good mousers, with field mice aplenty in the yard, they love the grasses and sit, listening for mice friends.
Sadie and mice friend

Buster and mice friend

my mouse
 mice friend on snow
Here is a big boy that Buster caught last year. I took the opportunity to do some macro close-ups. You can see their big teeth, long claws, and padded feet.
Well-hung field mouse
deer mouse I caught eating deer food!

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Judy said...

We don't let the cats out any more, but Sundance, who passed about 6 years ago, was a great hunter, and always brought his kills home to be admired. He used to wake me up the praise him... The girls saw him kill a squirrel once, and another time, he dragged home a hotdog to be admired before he ate it...
Cats are so much fun...