Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dexter and Gizmo - escapees

Sometimes you just have to post a video. This was featured on BBC News. (I don't think it is news per se.) It was prefaced by an ad that makes them money. That just ticks me off!

Funny how BBC, and all 'news' media steal peoples videos, and pop an ad in front to make money. I wonder if embedding it on BBC's site gives the owner anything... Here is the original. Embedding it as is still lets the guy tally views.

The guy couldn't figure out why, when he was at work, they could get out of the kitchen! This cat reminds me of ours! They know that the door knob is the way out. They'll touch it, after lobbying to go outdoors, if we ignore them.


Hilary said...

Gotta love the tenacity of cats and the patience of dogs.

I didn't get an ad when viewing. I use Ad Blocker. It works with Firefox and a few other browsers.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

No, Hilary. You don't get an ad when you use YouTube itself. But BBC - on their website, as many other outlets do, take the ad, embed it and preface it with an ad.

Powell River Books said...

Animals are so intelligent. Maybe humans, not so much. - Margy

Pearl said...

we get so proud of our thumbs and yet.

yep, smart cat. ours opened a bottle of treats. apparently we have to screw it on very tight.