Tuesday 29 October 2013

The poor bean plant –more frosty woes

Poor bean plant! Frozen...
I have enjoyed my castor bean, bean plant. It grew so large for me. Over 3 m. Peculiarly enough, last year it flowered mid-August, and set seeds in the drought.

This year, despite perfect conditions, it flowered a bit late.
Yesterday it was a tall giant. This morning it drooped.
By the afternoon, it looked as bad as the skeleton!
By the afternoon, they drooped.
I don't think I'm getting seeds
this year!

The flowers and leaves
were so beautiful
-just last week!


Judy said...

The frost has made a huge difference to the plants!!! I was looking at the plants near the pond yesterday, comparing them with what I remember from before my trip...

Hootin Anni said...

Oh my....hope it recovers!!!

Olga said...

Aw, too bad. We had a heavy frost too.