Sunday, 15 September 2013

OPP Golden Helmets in Perth, Ontario

The Ontario Provincial Police Golden Helmets Motorcycle Precision Team was formed in 1963. Each year they tour the Province of Ontario giving exhibitions of superb riding skills at fairs, festivals and parades. The 20-member team, comprised of OPP officers on regular patrol duties, consists of the Ride Master, Commentator, the motorcycle technician and 17 riders.

The speed is incredible. I caught myself several time. It is dangerous.
Sargeant Lise Grenier is an amazing woman. The first female motorcycle police officer, she lets us know that anyone can do anything, and its cool to be the first.
Here is a portion of an interview (click here for the full text):
" Last year I was promoted into a new position, Provincial Motorcycle Coordinator. I’m responsible for ensuring all the motorcycles have been properly equipped so the officers can do their jobs. I’m the Ride Master for the twenty people on the Golden Helmets. I’ll tell you they’re the best bunch of guys to work with. The fact that I’m a woman just doesn’t faze them whatsoever. I’m also in charge of the VIP escorts for any dignitaries coming into town: the Prime Minister and any Presidents. I’ve escorted the Pope, the Queen, Lady Diana and Prince Charles in 1991. I actually cared for the two boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, for ten days, doing things like taking them to McDonald’s or swimming."
'Peaches' is her nickname! (It's on the back of her helmet!)
Ride Master, Sergeant Lise Grenier
She was fabulous showing Rick Mercer how to do the ride.
 The motorcycles used by the Golden Helmets are Harley Davidson Police Specials. They have 1690 c.c. engines and weigh 262 kg (800 pounds). These motorcycles are the same ones used on normal patrol. During each 30-minute performance the riders take their machines through a series of complex patterns, which are intended to demonstrate the maneuverability of the machines and the riders' skills.
I was amazed. The videos I took show the sound, noise, speed and control. For its all about keeping control of this big beast.

Lots to keep organized.

Our town crier!
Kids, balloons, RBC!

Something about dude in uniform!
Hooray Lanark County OPP
The town crier crying!
The Mayor greets the sup't

Keep your kids off of the street!


The Furry Gnome said...

Looks like great fun.

Red said...

Great PR for the police. After that they can talk about quite a few issues as they have people's attention.

Bill Nicholls said...

And I thought they still rode horses in Canada