Thursday 12 September 2013

Jesse in Westport and at Foley Mountain

Jesse  loves the outdoors. Living, as he does, in B.C., he has the opportunity to view the mountains in the extreme. We took him to see our little Foley Mountain as a prelude to our lunch.

The lookout is much fun, the flora and fauna delightful all season. They have an interpretation centre, where I've donated some of the things I have found on our property; deer hoof, deer hide (road & wolf/coyote kill), a wing from a barred owl.

After our lunch, we did a tour of Westport. Everyone loves this Muskoka chair!

He doesn't get 'home' often, but I'm happy to see him when he does. Caitlin and I visited him in Chemainus  where he and his fiancé were performing in Singin' in the Rain at the Chemainus Festival. That was much fun, as Caitlin and I haven't traveled alone together ever!

Westport in the background
A busy man, my Jesse, he's here between gigs to visit family. And, yes, all three of my children are taller than I am! I perched on a rock, and still I be short!
Jesse and hubby
This is the sluice for the Walleye Fish Sanctuary
in the Westport Bay


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, lovely, Jenn. Most people visit at home, but visiting you is an adventure, with hiking and climbing and, of course, photographs.
So glad you got to spend some quality time with Jesse.
Being curious, I can't help wondering why those red whatevers are in the water by the fish sanctuary sluice. (We're big on fish hatcheries in my family.)
Luv, K

Hilary said...

I know how lovely it is when my boy comes home for a visit. Enjoy.. I'm sure you are. :)

Red said...

It's always nice to have your kids come home for a visit. Now you do have a nice little mountain.

Kay said...

What fun! Your son is indeed tall, though it's a little deceiving sitting on that giant chair.

Jenn Jilks said...

The orange buoys are meant to keep people away from the sluice, I think, Kay L.

Christine said...

wonderful time with your son!