Saturday, 17 August 2013

My frog pond, water parsnip, purple loosestrife

Down in the frog pond, near the meadow, I found three more bullfrogs. It's been a good year. Last
Purple loosestrife
in the background.
In the foreground,
water parsnip.
year, in the drought, the frog pond dried up. I was so sad!

What happened is that the weeds and the purple loosestrife moved in. I've been digging it out, wearing my chestwaders.

The good news is that the deer have been eating the blossoms, which will minimalize the seeds. 

The frog pond, down by the meadow
I love the floating lily pads. They cover the pond. Daisy was a big helper as I searched the pond for interesting critters. She usually goes in ankle deep. What a girl! She follows me everywhere.

Frog pond with floating lilies
female bullfrog

female bullfrog

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