Monday, 19 August 2013

Distracted driving –ubiquitous

It's the law!
Yes, People are doing it. Whether it was the guy behind me, driving a bit too close in a 60 km zone, removing his t-shirt. We went from an 80 km to 60 km, and he removed his ball cap, glasses, then shirt. I was thinking I might just pull over, but wasn't sure he'd see me slow down. He was tailing me.

There are many technological devices. They've had to invent them to try to reach drivers, but they just don't get it. They are gifted, and the rules do not apply to them. Those who are inexperienced drivers seem to be the worst, as they embrace technology, but haven't the wisdom to avoid using a smartphone.

There are many ways to be distracted. I am amazed, as we drive about on our daycations, at the number of people still using cell phones as they drive. I saw a trucker, presumably holding the wheel steady with his knees, holding his lunch, eating with a fork as he drove by on the busy highway.

On our way through Smiths Falls, I spotted some tractors. Just after I clicked the photo, the guy in the middle vehicle picked up his cell phone! Traffic was backed up, and the 4th vehicle didn't make it through. Many times, I've been behind a tractor, taking my time, and a third vehicle passes the 2 of us. This is farm country. Deal with it!
With cell phones, people just can't seem to put them down!
This farmer was stopped and talking!
But cellphones are the worst, the most ubiquitous, and most dangerous. 
Then, there is just stupidity. Important people with important things to do! When your lane stops, it would be wise to slow down, and merge?
Pick a lane!
This person was parked on the shoulder, then pulled out
perhaps without looking?
This show-off in his corvette thought we were too slow!
Who knows what happened here!


Phil Slade said...

We used to manage our daily business without cell phones. What happened Jenn?

Bill Nicholls said...

Don't think your the only country like that. The UK is as bad with Muppets talking on the phone while they drive even though it is illegal. Rubbernecking at accidents, yes they are just as bad here.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I think it is that sense of immediacy. One might miss something. That call doesn't seem to be able to wait. We have to hurry to our next destination. They don't have patience.
I keep wanting to smack them upside the head. My children, and grandchildren our out there. Drive safely, somebody loves your victim.

Kay L. Davies said...

"Somebody loves your victim" is wonderful, Jenn. Sad, but wonderful.
My husband is one of the guilty, and it doesn't even involve his cell phone. He once almost ran us into a median, complete with metal signpost and sign, until I screamed. He swerved around it, just in time, and I yelled, "What were you DOING?"
He answered, as if his answer made perfectly good sense, "I was just looking at that guy's hat."
I can now say to him "that guy's hat" and he knows what I'm upset about.
You would think he would let me drive more often, but he thinks he's invincible.
Maybe next time I'll just smack him upside the head.
Luv, K

Red said...

We have a long way to go on this topic. They've made cars safer and more reliable but the suckers who drive them haven't kept pace with the developments.

Hilary said...

I believe you're right (what you said in the comment) about the sense of immediacy. Frank has a saying that goes like this. "The problem with instant gratification is that it takes too long." That's today's technology in a nutshell. It's all a bit scary.

Kay said...

We have that cellphone problem in Hawaii too. What I don't understand are the idiots, yes, idiots who text. Text? What are they thinking?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh my, you have picked one of my pet peeves - the mobile telephone. Bad enough all the illegal use which you point out - but it is seriously affecting social interactions... acquaintances? One can just turn away, but when three of one's closest and dearest friends can't seem to move ahead into the next hour without texting, tweeting and tattling when you've reached an important point in the deep and meaningful conversation..; well clearly a review of said friendships is required.

RUDE. Capital letters. R.U.D.E. They do however, use hands-free technology.

Though I am inclined to think it is the distraction of the message which causes accidents as much if not more than the physical use....

Sorry. Did say it was a pet peeve! Thanks for listening &*}