Thursday, 25 July 2013

Little lambs aDaisy –she works, plays, prays!

She worked hard today –deserved a rest!
She prays hard.
Doing 'bear', she was trying to reach
a dragonfly, her food of choice outdoors.

She played hard today.
You'll note the basket of toys behind her.
She plays, instead, with a paper towel roll.
Trying to get the bug
in the light, she bats at them.
There is something about pets. Our pet of choice, cats. I know many of you prefer dogs. Some eschew pets altogether. They must suit your lifestyle!

I have many memories of cats and Dad's dogs (see below). He'd walk the dog, and the cat would accompany him around the block, returning up busy Yonge St. in Toronto.

I remember having measles and the cat had just had kittens. It was
Me with measles, kitten from earlier brood, puzzle
much fun snuggling them, sick in bed. There is something about giving up to illness, just giving yourself permission to take it easy.

Mom hated me staying home sick from school.
I would often have to go to the school nurse. Yes, we had one, full-time in those days. I'd be coughing that seal-bark, whooping cough and she'd phone my mom to let me go home.
Mom worked hard, and didn't take well to being ill. We had pressures. Things to achieve.

 This past week, having flu, it was good to have no pressure to accomplish something, after a 25-year career of alarm clocks, report cards, parent-teacher interviews, insomnia worrying about the next days agenda. Somedays, being too sick to be able to write up a daybook for the supply teacher, it was easier to just go in and do the program!

They were a handful

Older kitten would babysit for momma, Percy, a
cream-coloured cat!

Dad, neighbour's dog, our dog: Jenny
on Walker Ave., TO
Dad and Fluffy


Kay L. Davies said...

Love the measles picture, Jenn. You were so cute.
My mother kept me in a darkened room with measles. Something about measles hurting the eyes. Okay, I just looked it up on Google. Conjunctivitis, it seems, is part of measles, and an eye infection can develop, too.
Lots of other things as well, according to the British National Health Service, which is what I looked at when Googling.
So my mother was right. Well!
And I love the kitten pictures, too. We had cats and dogs when I was young. So, of course, we had kittens and puppies. One dog, Bootsie, died of milk fever when her pups were three days old. Mom raised all eight of them on formula and pablum.

eileeninmd said...

Your kitties are cute! I am one of those dog lovers. Actually I love all the critters! Have a happy weekend!

Christine said...

Sorry to hear about your flu, hope you feel better soon!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Love the kitties, the musings and the memories. Being sick when I was a child was definitely a major event -- measles took forever to get over, not to mention pneumonia, appendicitis etc etc....I learned to live in my own skin and my own head in those pre-electronic days ...and that's not entirely a bad thing!

Hope you're feeling better.

DeniseinVA said...

Great photos and lovely memories. Thanks for sharing them and have a great weekend.

Kay said...

I'm afraid we can't have pets because we're traveling too often and spend long periods of time on the mainland. Art doesn't want to leave a pet behind. However, when our traveling days slow down... perhaps we'll think about having a pet.

I agree with Kay. You were such a cute little girl.

Judy said...

I have been spending a lot of time with old family photos this year! Thanks for sharing yours!!