Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Daisy and a disappointing day

Daisy captured a grasshopper from the flowers.
She took it in her mouth,
and put it on the cement step.
Daisy loves the grasshoppers.
It hopped across, into the garden.
She was sad when it got away.

She was hunting chickadees in the trees.
Can you spot her?
Pretty futile endeavour.
The chickadees were after the bugs in the
dead Elm tree.
I called her. "Who, me?"
It began raining and she ran to the house.

They were tired,
rested under the tree in the heat.
I was gardening.
They stick together sometimes.
Later, Sady was after the dratted chipmunk. She sits beside the garage, or on the fence, waiting oh- so-patiently. 
Up on the railing, Daisy is fascinated with her and follows her. Sady wants no part of Daisy.
Sady, the queen, is 8 years old. Daisy will be a year in August. Still a wee girl, she has inner bigness! Sady usually whacks her upside the head if she gets close.


Christine said...

Daisy has a good life!

Kay said...

Wow! Daisy is an amazing climber!