Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A few photos from my commute

Day lilies line the highway
–making a nice punctuation to the hot asphalt,
for a long drive.
Yes. On my way to visit my client I spotted two dead raccoon kits. I didn't take time to stop. On
the way back home, I stopped to see if I could photograph the vultures. To be perfectly realistic, they do clean up roadkill. Serendipitously, no vultures were there, the crows –they flew into the forest. However, I did stop and spotted a bluebird. I've never grabbed a good photo of a blue bird!

There was a lot of traffic, with various means of transportation.
Many large boats about
Fun bike
Old car
They always look so wicked!
Much traffic, and it was on alert.
Then there was the osprey nest! I didn't notice the parent until after taking close-ups of the babies.
The power lines holds the parent...the nest the 2 babes.
One was sticking its tongue out at me!

My final set of photos, from when I was up at 11:30, hearing a strange cat outside on the deck. I took a moment to snap a couple of moths.  I'm off, again, to feed my client breakfast.
He's up at dawn.
1. Not so focused, but gives you
an idea of its size.
I am amazed at the range of flora and fauna I have never seen before. I was thrilled to add another couple to my files. I've submitted them to my BAMONA account, where the volunteers ID them for us newbie/amateurs! The first one: Scalloped edges and wee spots. Looking like a fuzzy toy. Greens, pinks, and browns - just amazing. 
AHA: confirmation:
2. The Saw Wing -Euchlaena serrata

1. Blinded sphinx -Paonias excaecata (J.E. Smith, 1797)

The next one: 

2. The Saw Wing -Euchlaena serrata (Drury, 1770)

I just want to pet the sphinx! It looks pretty.
Blinded sphinx
Here is a better close-up.


Olga said...

You remind me of my husband--always on the lookout for wildlife as he drives. I am the one yelling, "Truck braking in front of you! Watch the road!"

EG CameraGirl said...

You saw so many wonderful photo ops on your commute!

Red said...

Your sleep must have been pretty short last night!

Dana said...

Those day lilies are really beautiful. As you said, they look great next to the asphalt.

The Furry Gnome said...

Interesting pix, especially the moths.